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Thank God (2022) Movie Plot:

“Thank God” is a film from India that came out in 2022. It’s in Hindi and is a mix of fantasy, comedy, and drama. Indra Kumar directed it. It’s not a brand new story, but is inspired by a Danish movie from 2009 named “Sorte kugler (What Goes Around)”. In “Thank God”, you will see famous actors such as Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra, and Rakul Preet Singh.

People got to watch “Thank God” in cinema halls on 25th October 2022. This was the time when everyone was celebrating Diwali. Some people liked the movie, while others didn’t. Overall, not many went to watch it, so it didn’t make much money and wasn’t a hit.

The movie tells us about Ayaan Kapoor. He’s someone who made a lot of money by selling properties. But he’s in a tough spot now because he owes a lot of money, about ₹16 crores. Why? He made some mistakes with black money and then the government made some money rules which affected him. He thought of selling his big house to get out of this money problem, but nobody wanted to buy it. So, he had to move to his wife’s house. His wife, Ruhi, is a police inspector, and they have a daughter named Pihu.

A big twist in Ayaan’s life happens when he meets with a bad accident. Instead of dying, he finds himself in a place called Heaven. In this heavenly place, he meets two godly figures named Yamaduta and Chitragupta. They tell him about a special game called “Game of Life”. In this game, good things he does are like white balls and the bad things are like black balls. At first, he has more black balls because of his past mistakes. One of his big problems is that he feels bad that his wife is a successful police inspector while he once failed to become one.

The game makes him face many hard tasks. It teaches him lessons. Like, he learns to control his anger and says sorry to his sister for a mistake he made long ago. Chitragupta, seeing his good deeds, wants to give him ₹18 crores, the money he needed. But then they see a tattoo of another lady on Ayaan’s arm, which creates more problems. There’s another surprising moment: the car that hit Ayaan was a new one, a gift from his wife Ruhi.

Things get sadder when Ayaan comes back to the real world. He learns that his daughter Pihu is very sick. Even though he’s doing well in his job, his family life is not good. But the lessons he learned from the “Game of Life” and the gods make him a better person. He starts caring more about his family and understands what’s really important in life.

The movie shows us how Ayaan goes from thinking only about himself to understanding love, family, and what really matters in life.


                                                ⭐IMDB Rating: 5.6/10⭐


Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order)  

Sidharth MalhotraSidharth MalhotraAyaan Kapoor
Ajay DevgnAjay DevgnChitragupta (CG)
Rakul Preet SinghRakul Preet SinghRuhi Kapoor
Mahesh BalrajMahesh BalrajYD (Yamdhoot)
Kanwaljeet SinghKanwaljeet SinghAayan’s Father
Seema PahwaSeema PahwaAayan’s Mother
Urmilla Kanetkar KothareUrmilla Kanetkar KothareAayan’s Sister
Vishal BhavsarVishal Bhavsar  
Pratik DixitPratik DixitAayan’s brother in law
Kiara KhannaKiara KhannaPihu Aayan Malhotra
Kiku ShardaKiku ShardaFat guy in lift
Nora FatehiNora FatehiNora Fatehi
Sanjay GurbaxaniSanjay GurbaxaniDoctor
Anjali SchmuckAnjali SchmuckApsara 1
Rushali JadhavRushali JadhavApsara 2
Vikram KochharVikram KochharInspector Tambe
Heera SohalHeera SohalAyaan’s Secretary
Sumit GulatiSumit GulatiFirst couple to by the bungalow male
Soundarya SharmaSoundarya SharmaFirst couple to by the bungalow female
Sandeep KumarSandeep KumarSecond couple to by the bungalow male
Satish NaikodiSatish NaikodiPolice officer
Dhanay SethDhanay SethBeggar lady grandson
Gurinder SethGurinder SethMan In Bank
Sanjeev SharmaSanjeev SharmaCar owner
Sunita ShiroleSunita ShiroleBeggar outside temple
Shalani TharakaShalani Tharaka  
Gyanendra TripathiGyanendra TripathiBank Robber
Saanand VermaSaanand VermaDoctor Akshat Gupta
Rupali YadavRupali YadavSecon couple to by the bungalow female
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Deepika CharakDeepika Charak  
Sammy Jonas HeaneySammy Jonas HeaneyForiegner
Rofique KhanRofique Khan  
Sharik KhanSharik Khan  
Prachi ThakurPrachi ThakurYoung Ayaan’s Sister

Produced by 

Markand Adhikariproducer
Alex Anthony Fernandespromo producer
Pitambar Kharalexecutive producer
Sunir Kheterpalproducer
Bhushan Kumarproducer
Indra Kumarproducer
Krishan Kumarproducer
Dilip Mistryassociate producer
Deepak Mukutproducer
Anand Panditproducer
Yash Shahco-producer
Ashok Thakeriaproducer
Awdhesh Upadhyayline producer

Music by 

Amar Mohile(background score)
Himesh Reshammiya 

Cinematography by 

Aseem Bajaj 
Anshumaan Singh Thakurco-cinematographer

Editing by 

Dharmendra Sharmafilm editor

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