Silence 2: The Night Owl Bar Shootout 2024 Hindi HD

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The Night Owl Bar Shootout 2024: An Amalgam of Turns and Twists in a Crime of Thriller


The Commissioner of Police summons ACP Avinash Verma (Manoj Bajpayee) and his SCU to look into a mass shooting at the Night Owl Bar in Mumbai, according to a crime thriller. Something deeper, darker, and bigger is at work as the layers start to lift.

It skillfully illustrates the procedural aspect of a criminal inquiry. This covers the police’s method of relating observations and ideas to forensic perspectives and available evidence. The majority of the picture has a palpable mood, and the performances are more than competent. I really enjoyed how the antagonist’s heartless persona is portrayed and the surprising twists that appear from time to time.

Manoj Bajpayee, Prachi Desai, Parul Gulati, Sahil Vaid, Vaquar Shaikh, Ankit Bhardwaj,Shruti Bapna, Surbhi Rohra and Dinker Sharma are the cast members of Night Owl Shootout.

Themes of the Movie

The film promises to explore the complexities of the case while delving into themes of power, corruption, and justice. One of the deeper racket involved in the movie other than the mere killing in the pub is a human trafficking racket. With a slow start, the story slowly progresses towards finding the culprit, not just behind the shootout but also the one operating the racket.

A Sneak Peak of the Story

ACP Avinash Verma is in charge of the Special Crime Unit (SCU), which is being scrutinised by higher authorities to see whether it is necessary or unnecessary. His unit is dispatched to investigate a shooting in a Mumbai pub where several unidentified persons, including the PA of a politician, have been shot dead, following their most recent case.

The politician is putting pressure on the police commissioner (Manuj Bhaskar), but an early inquiry that includes certain forensic perspectives confirms that the purpose of the arbitrary firing was to divert the attention of the police from the principal victim, an escort named Aazma Khan (Surbhi Rohra). The shootout is unrelated to the PA.

As the investigation moves forward, Avinash and his group also have some good fortune. When Jaya Rawal (Shruti Bapna), Avinash’s Jaipur-based colleague, asks him for guidance on a case in her town, a deceased woman’s photo that she sent Avinash turns up in the Mumbai investigation shortly after—a coincidence that only occurs in Hindi cinema!

A complex story with a kinky foreigner, human trafficking and the flesh trade, a close friend of the late Aazma named Rizwan (Chetan Sharma), who is not who he says he is, and her wealthy customer Rajeev (Padam Bhola), who is afraid of his wife, an art collector (Parul Gulati), all come to light.

Analysis of the Main Characters

ACP Verma, played by Manoj Bajpayee, has less eccentricity than Srikanth Tiwari. The actor keeps getting caught in philosophy even if he tries to bring in his swag from the Raj and DK show. The lines provided only serve to occasionally make the character absurd. He makes an honest effort to portray ACP Verma, but the writing falls short.

Here, Prachi Desai is a lost chance. The talented and charismatic performer had little to offer in the movie. It also begs the question of why her portrayals in media are so lacking.

The actors who truly receive high marks are, however, Dinker Sharma, who steals the show as Arjun Chauhan, Chetan Sharma, who plays Rizwan, Surbhi Rohra, who plays Aazma, Parul Gulati, who plays the strange Aarti Singh, Padam Bhola, who plays her husband Rajeev Singh, and Neena Kulkarni, who makes a charming cameo as the defenceless grandmother of Amisha (Ishika Mandeep Gagneja). Ishika has a significant impact in a role that lasts less than five minutes, and Amisha is a minor but important character in the story.

Main Culprit of the Story

Aarti, the sister of Arjun Chauhan, portrayed a villain in this film, and she had good reason. Her instructors, coworkers, and other people abused her when she was a young child, having lost her mother at a young age and having the opportunity to learn about human emotions.

She gets estranged from her own body, thinking it is a way to fulfill her deepest wants, because of ongoing abuse and the lack of anybody nearby to listen to her pleas. She began to feel something for other ladies because of the harassment she experienced at the hostel.

Upon discovering that she was a homosexual, her father designated her stepbrother as the successor to all of his assets and business. This worried Aarti even more, so she began formulating a plan to rule out his brother, who was mentally ill. Rajeev, the man she was forced to marry, enthusiastically goes along with her misdeeds.

“One with a moral compass should not venture into the grey areas of life, or be prepared to pay the consequences,” goes the proverb. This statement was ideal for Aarti, who committed herself once her crimes were made public. Aban Bharucha Deohans could give Aarti a powerful, cunning character, given her important part in the film.

Review of the Movie

Silence 2 captures your interest right away with its clever use of alternating tones and intricate design. However, the drama gradually unravels because of the script’s ridiculousness and lack of logic, leaving you rolling your eyes at all the banality.

Too many issues exist. The storyline could be clearer.

Except for Bajpayee, the other regular characters are incredibly boring.

Far too many phrases like “iska matlab samajhte ho?” and “we must do our best” make the text extremely boring.

The movie tries to be gritty by having a subplot about the sexual exploitation of youngsters, a la Bhumi Pednekar’s Bhakshak. Still, this track is presented so hastily that it doesn’t do anything.


Q.1: What is the genre of movie?

Ans: the genre of the movie is crime thriller.

Q.2: Who is the writer and director of the movie?

Ans: Aban Bharucha Deohans


Q.3: Who is the villian of the movie?

Ans: Arjun Chauhan’s sister Aarti. The character’s real name is Dinker Sharma.

Q.4: What was the release date of the movie?

Ans: The release date of the movie was April 16, 2024.

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