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Ruslaan Movie: A Story of Trust, Relationships and Rebel


Rajveer Sharma’s character Ruslaan has the most ideal life. Besides¬†being loved by his parents and sister, he is in love with Samaira (Meghaa Chatterjee). There are several blasts and he gets a call as he boarded the train. His life is completely turned upside down when he is taken into custody to be questioned after being suspected of being involved in a terror attack on a train in Mumbai.

Director: Ruslaan Movie 

Karan Lalit Butani is the director and producer of the Hindi-language action movie Ruslaan, which was produced by K. K. Radhamohan. Director Karan Butani expressed his excitement for the movie and noted that its story is based on actual events and happenings, which makes it a thrilling and accessible experience for viewers. He emphasised how the screenplay has a geopolitical element that gives the plot depth and a modern context.

Release Date: Ruslaan Movie

“Ruslaan” has a gripping trailer that is already creating excitement among viewers, indicating that it has the potential to be a masterpiece of film that defies convention and wins people over. The Sri Sathya Sai Arts-produced movie, which is slated to open in theatres on April 26, promises to provide audiences with a memorable cinematic experience that is full of drama, action, and intrigue.

Ruslaan : A Detailed Analysis of the Story

As a boy witnessing the violent death of his entire family, Ruslaan develops into a rather well-mannered man. His changed luck might be attributed to his adoption by virtuous police officer Major Sameer (Jagapathi Babu) and his devoted wife. But his sole goal in life is to sacrifice everything for his nation and to clear his name. Even if it means going after the most deadly terrorists on his own, against the orders of his immediate supervisor and RAW agent Mantra (Vidya Malvade), on important tasks.

Aayush Sharma does well in action but lacks enough conviction in emotional scenes. It is challenging for the audience to¬†relate to Ruslaan’s inner journey because of his inability to capture the depth of his character’s internal anguish. For¬†doing some violent action, debutante Sushrii Shreya Mishraa, who plays his love interest Vani, to gets her moment in the spotlight. The script keeps a consistent cadence, except¬†for¬†a few unnecessary songs. Throughout¬†the two halves, there are many exciting moments. The way Ruslaan and his accomplice infiltrate and survive the most heinous situations, however, is astonishing in its simplicity and lack of depth.¬†

Jagapathi Babu plays a convincing combination of virtuous police work and tender fatherhood for the orphaned kid of a terrorist. The necessary conviction in the writing is absent, though. Furthermore, there may have been a stronger character development. The movie also makes extensive use of patriotic overtones, which, although they do have an emotional resonance of their own, might come across as artificial or unduly simplistic. The cinematography of G. Sreenivas Reddy is masterful.

Cast: Ruslaan Movie

Aayush Sharma plays the lead part in it, and Sushrii Shreya Mishraa, Jagapathi Babu, and Vidya Malvade co-star. Ruslaan possesses every element required to create a captivating Bollywood advertisement. As Aayush Sharma takes center stage in this gripping story, viewers can anticipate an exhilarating ride filled with drama, action, and intense emotions. The previews and theme song hint at the depth of emotion of the narrative, suggesting that the movie would strike a deep chord with viewers and offer an engaging and realistic experience.

Rating and Review: Ruslaan Movie

Ruslaan is a masterpiece of film that appeals to the mind and the emotions. This film takes a provocative look at revolt and self-determination with its amazing cinematography, amazing performers, and gripping story. For anyone looking for an exciting cinematic experience, this is a must-watch.

Ruslaan has a 2.5 out of 5 rating, according to the Times of India. The IMBd score is 3.7 out of 10.

Ruslaan: Where to Watch and Download

Ruslaan can be downloaded from the and watched for smooth streaming.

Ruslaan as Aayush Sharma

“Ruslaan” recounts the journey of its eponymous character, played by Aayush Sharma, against the backdrop of society conventions and expectations. Between the two worlds in which he exists as a resolute rebel with a gun and the one in which he is a talented musician, Ruslaan is a man divided. Ruslaan sets out on a quest to escape the bonds of conformity and carve out his own path while he negotiates the complexity of his dual existence. The movie attempts to show a person’s valiant attempt to uphold his allegiance to India by putting it above his religious affiliation.

Aayush Sharma’s Two Cents

Aayush Sharma discussed the film’s topics and their significance, stressing their relevance to modern India and exploring questions of identity and societal expectations. According to him, “Ruslaan” offers a provocative remark on the difficulties people experience in the modern world and represents the geopolitical context of the nation.

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