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OMG 2 (2023)

Movie Plot:

In the year 2023, a remarkable film titled “OMG 2” made its debut, captivating the hearts of movie enthusiasts. Hailing from India and presented in the Hindi language, this cinematic creation delved deep into the important subject of sex education in Indian schools. The creative genius behind this project was none other than Amit Rai, a versatile talent in the world of cinema. Amit Rai donned two essential roles for this endeavor, serving as both the mastermind behind the story and the guiding hand in its direction.

What makes “OMG 2” intriguing is its connection to a previous cinematic success. Drawing inspiration from the 2012 hit film “OMG – Oh My God!”, this sequel carries forward the legacy while adding its own unique charm to the narrative. The inclusion of renowned actors, including the likes of Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, further elevated the cinematic experience, bringing their exceptional talents to the forefront.

When “OMG 2” graced the silver screen on the opening day, which was the 11th of August 2023, it got a warm and enthusiastic reception. Audiences and movie critics alike were quick to shower it with praise, commending its thought-provoking content and engaging storytelling. As for its financial success, the numbers speak volumes.

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At the heart of this tale stands a man named Kanti Sharan Mudgal, whose unwavering faith is placed in Lord Shiva. In many ways, Kanti is quite similar to many of us; he cherishes his family deeply, always looking out for their well-being, and fulfills his role as a devoted father and husband responsibly. However, a significant turn of events disrupts the tranquility of his life. The turmoil commences when his son faces unjust blame for simply being true to his emotions and loving someone of the same gender. This unjust accusation leads to severe consequences, with the school taking harsh action and expelling his son. Naturally, Kanti is profoundly disturbed by this situation.

As he gets deeper into the issue, he uncovers a disturbing truth – there exists a great deal of misinformation and prejudice within society regarding matters of love and relationships. Faced with the possibility of relocating his family to escape the prejudice, an unexpected turn of events takes place. Kanti experiences what he believes to be divine guidance, offering him newfound strength and determination. Empowered by this insight, he resolves to confront the injustice meted out to his son.

With newfound courage, Kanti takes a firm stand, challenging those who have acted unfairly towards his child. Armed with the law as his weapon, he embarks on a journey to seek justice and rectify the wrongs perpetrated against his family. In the face of adversity, Kanti rises, determined to fight for what is right and just, thus becoming an inspiring beacon of resilience and hope in his community.

Indian Audience Review of OMG 2

The response to OMG 2 from the Indian audience has been varied, with opinions divided on the film’s overall impact. While a section of viewers commends the movie for its humor, thought-provoking social message, and the commendable acting skills demonstrated by Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, others express disappointment, citing its predictability and lack of fresh ideas.

In specific reviews, Alok Sharma, an IMDb user, lauds OMG 2 as a compelling watch, highlighting its ability to raise significant questions about religion and society. He particularly appreciates the stellar performances of the lead actors. Conversely, Preeti Patel, a reviewer from Times of India, describes the sequel as a letdown, emphasizing its lack of originality and foreseeability, indicating that it doesn’t match up to the impact created by its predecessor.

Rohit Kapoor, writing for Hindustan Times, offers a more balanced perspective, characterizing OMG 2 as a mixed bag. He acknowledges the presence of humorous moments and a strong social message in the film but also echoes concerns about its predictability and lack of innovation. Again, Kumar and Tripathi’s acting is lauded, albeit with a hint of reservation.

In summary, the responses from the audience in India consist of a mix of positive and negative comments. Some people appreciate the movie for its humor, insightful social messages, and the talented performances by the actors. However, there are others who are dissatisfied because they find the plot too predictable and the overall storyline unoriginal. These differing viewpoints highlight the diverse range of expectations and viewpoints held by the audience members. People’s reactions to the film showcase the varied perspectives that exist among the viewers, with some finding merit in its elements while others express disappointment in its lack of innovation.

The release languages of OMG 2 are:

  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Oriya
  • Urdu
  • Tulu
  • Assamese

The film was also released in English in some countries.

OMG 2 is a Hindi-language film, but it was dubbed into several other Indian languages for its release. This is a common practice for Indian films, as India is a diverse country with many different languages spoken. Dubbing allows the film to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.

OMG 2 Budget and Earnings

As per various sources, the estimated budget for OMG 2 is currently around ₹500 million, which is approximately equivalent to US$6.1 million. However, there have been ongoing discussions and reports suggesting that the film’s budget might exceed this initial estimation. This potential increase in the budget is primarily due to Akshay Kumar, one of the film’s lead actors, reportedly choosing to waive his standard fees for this project. If these reports hold true, the film’s budget could inch closer to ₹600 million, which is approximately US$7.3 million. OMG 2 did quite well on ott platforms as well.

It’s essential to recognize that when compared to many other Bollywood films, especially those featuring a prominent star like Akshay Kumar, the budget for OMG 2 remains relatively moderate. This economical approach can be attributed to the film’s genre, as it falls under the category of a social comedy-drama. Such genres generally require smaller budgets in contrast to genres like action and romance.

Box Office Gross: ₹187 crores

Projected Profit: ₹137 crores (estimated)

It’s important to emphasize that the figures provided are estimations and may not be entirely accurate. The precise profit generated by the film will become known once all sources of revenue have been thoroughly tallied.

Performance of OMG 2 on OTT Platforms

OMG 2, the highly anticipated film, made its debut on Netflix on October 8, 2023, sparking widespread enthusiasm among viewers. Since its release, the movie has garnered significant attention, positioning itself firmly within the top 10 most-watched Hindi films on Netflix India.

As reported by JustWatch, the renowned streaming search engine, OMG 2 has achieved the remarkable status of being the most favored Bollywood film on Netflix India as of August 4, 2023. This accomplishment is not limited to Indian viewers alone. The film has also captured the hearts of audiences across international borders. This movie is release in different countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom on the Netflix platform.

The film’s remarkable success on various OTT platforms can be attributed to several key factors. First and foremost is its immense popularity among Indian audiences. Who have eagerly embraced its captivating storyline and engaging performances. Additionally, the film has received widespread acclaim from critics, further solidifying its reputation as a must-watch cinematic experience. Moreover, the accessibility of OMG 2 on a widely used streaming platform has undoubtedly contributed to its widespread viewership. Allowing fans from different corners of the world to enjoy the movie at their convenience.


                                          ⭐IMDB Rating: 8.2/10⭐

Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order)  

Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar Shiva’s Messenger
Pankaj Tripathi Pankaj Tripathi Kanti Sharan Mudgal
Yami Gautam Yami Gautam Adv. Kamini Maheshwari (as Yamini Gautam Dhar)
Pawan Malhotra Pawan Malhotra [Justice] Purushottam Nagar (as Pavan Raj Malhotra)
Geeta Agrawal Sharma Geeta Agrawal Sharma Indumati Mudgal
Aarush Varma Aarush Varma Vivek Mudgal
Anvesha Vij Anvesha Vij Damyanti Mudgal
Govind Namdeo Govind Namdeo [Head Priest] Pandey
Arun Govil Arun Govil Atalnath Maheshwari
Shriidhar Dubey Shriidhar Dubey Chandu Padiyal


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