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Dhaakad (2022) Movie Plot:

“Dhaakad” is the title of a movie that came out in 2022. This movie is in Hindi, one of the many languages spoken in India. Razneesh Ghai is the director of the film. There are some very famous actors and actresses in the movie, such as Kangana Ranaut, Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta, and Saswata Chatterjee. Because these actors are so popular, many people expected the movie to be a big hit. They thought a lot of people would buy tickets to watch it. But, surprisingly, not many people went to see it. Even when they showed the movie in many countries around the world, it made only ₹3.77 crores. For a movie with such big names, this was very low. It became one of the movies from India that didn’t make much money.

Story Explanation:

Let’s talk more about what happens in the movie. The main character is a woman called Agent Agni. She is part of a group called the International Task Force, which can be simply said as ITF. She’s a really strong person and is determined to do her job well. Her main goal is to stop people who do very bad things, like those who harm others or act against the law. But Agni’s life has not always been about work. When she was just a little girl, a very bad person took her parents away from her by killing them. This was a big tragedy in her life. However, there was another officer from ITF who decided to take care of her after her parents died.

As time went on, Agni grew up and became an officer herself. One day, she got a big task. She had to go to a place called Budapest. In Budapest, there were some people who were doing very bad things. They were selling weapons and making people work without their permission. Agni had to find out who was behind all this. As she started looking for clues, she found out about a man named Rudraveer and a woman named Rohini. She believed they were the main people doing these bad things.

Something interesting about Rudraveer is that he is not an open book. He’s mysterious and does his business from a specific place near Bhopal, India. This place is called the Sohagpur Coal Fields. Agni knew she had to go there, but she was hesitant. She remembered the sad times in India when her parents were killed. It was hard for her to think about going back. But she was brave and decided to go anyway to find out all she could about Rudraveer.

Her work was very challenging. Every day, she faced new problems and had to find ways to solve them. As she went deeper into her investigation, she understood that this might be the most difficult thing she has ever done. The story has many twists and turns that make the people watching it very curious about what will happen next.


                                           ⭐IMDB Rating: 3.9/10⭐

Cast & Crew


Kangana RanautKangana RanautAgent Agni
Mihir AhujaMihir AhujaYoung Rudraveer
Arjun RampalArjun RampalRudraveer
Saswata ChatterjeeSaswata ChatterjeeITF Chief
Sharib HashmiSharib HashmiFazal
Divya DuttaDivya DuttaRohini
Ahmed KhanAhmed KhanDoctor
Wayne BrettWayne BrettDoctor
Gyula MesterházyGyula MesterházyFyodor
Omi KashyapOmi KashyapPimp
Gabriel GeorgiouGabriel GeorgiouShamsher
Neeraj Pardeep PurohitNeeraj Pardeep Purohit  
Ravi AwanaRavi AwanaKhaled
Tumul BalyanTumul BalyanPratap
Sejal JaiswalSejal JaiswalAgni’s Mother
Titiksha ShrivastavaTitiksha ShrivastavaITF Agent
Sapna AgrawalSapna AgrawalMadam
Dishita JainDishita JainZaira
Pratik Singh SolankiPratik Singh SolankiViren
Ankit PachoriAnkit PachoriAgent
Dániel Viktor NagyDániel Viktor NagySheikh Harun
Gagan SoniGagan SoniCommondo
Siddhant ShuklaSiddhant ShuklaTraitor
Ashutosh KhareAshutosh KhareRudraveer’s Henchman

Produced by 

Syed Zaid Aliline producer (as Zaid Ali)
Zohaib Aliline producer
Prassanth Kumar Chandranline producer (as Prasanth Kumar Chandran)
Amit J. Chaudharyexecutive producer
Giuliano Domanline producer
Alex Anthony Fernandespromo producer
Sohail Maklaiproducer
Deepak Mukutproducer
Kamal MukutPresenter
Anna Sesztakovaline producer
Lovepreet Singhco-producer
Shilpan Vyas Tinupost producer

Music by 

Dhruv Ghanekar 

Cinematography by 

Tetsuo Nagata 

Editing by 

Rameshwar S. Bhagat

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