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Tufang (2023) Movie Plot:

The film “Tufang” gets its name from a word in the Persian language that refers to a gun with a very long barrel. When you watch the movie, you can easily see a strong connection between two main characters, Arjun Randhawa, who people call Guri, and a lady named Rukshaar Dhillon, whose character is named Deep. Another actor, Jagjeet Sandhu, does an amazing job playing a character named Mouser Singh Brar. This character, Mouser, is the bad guy in the movie, and he’s related to Guri by marriage. A big part of the story happens when a gun is taken without permission from a store where Guri’s family sells guns. Guri tries very hard to find out who took the gun. While doing that, he finds out that there’s a bigger story behind it than just someone stealing from the shop. The director of the movie, named Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan, and the person who wrote the movie, named Manila Ratan, make the story very exciting. They do this with the help of some great lines written by Gurpreet Bhullar and action scenes made by Sham Kaushal. The story mostly talks about Guri, Jagjeet, and Rukshaar. The movie teaches people that guns should only be used for good reasons, like stopping bad things from happening. It also tells a sad story about a person who is tricked into thinking someone wants to marry them.

In this movie, you can see how much better Guri has become as an actor. He changes from a simple man who sells guns to someone who fights very hard for what he believes in. Rukshaar does a great job playing her character, Deep Kaur. Jagjeet, who plays Mouser, shows that he can play many different types of characters well. There’s also an actor named Mahabir Bhullar who plays Guri’s grandfather in the movie, and he does a very good job too. When you watch the movie, the scenes where people are fighting or in conflict are very exciting. There are also two actors, Karanveer Khullar and Arsh Hundal, who play bad guys really well. The movie has many different feelings in it. It has parts that are scary, parts that are romantic, and parts that are funny. At the end of the movie, there’s a very emotional part. In this part, Deep is thinking about Guri while standing near a place where dead bodies are burned. She misses him a lot and hopes he’ll come back after spending some time in jail. There’s a voice in the background that talks about how for some families, selling guns is not just a job but something they’ve been doing for a long time. The movie also talks about the good lessons older people teach younger people and how important those lessons are.


                                               ⭐IMDB Rating: 8.1/10⭐


Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order)

Rukshar DhillonRukshar Dhillon  
Jagjeet SandhuJagjeet Sandhu  
Karanveer KhullarKaranveer Khullar  
Mahabir BhullarMahabir Bhullar  
Baljinder BainsBaljinder BainsRaani
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Harpreet BainsHarpreet Bains  
Balwinder BulletBalwinder Bullet  
Arsh HundalArsh Hundal  
Harpreet KalerHarpreet KalerComedy (voice)
Mintu KapaMintu Kapa  

Produced by 

Kv Dhillonproducer

Cinematography by 

Sapan Naruladirector of photography

Editing by 

Hardik Singh Reen(edited by)

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