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Medal (2023) Movie Plot:

“Medal” is a film where Jay Randhawa and Baani Sandhu play the main characters. They are supported by many other actors, such as Hobby Dhaliwal, Pardeep Rawat, and Jag Singh, to name a few. This movie has been directed by Maneesh Bhatt and the story is written by Jassi Lohka. Ever since the movie’s trailer was shown to the public, a lot of people have been talking about it and are excited to see it. Everyone is curious to know if the movie is as good as the trailer suggests.

The story of the movie is about a man named Rajveer, who is also called Raja. Jay Randhawa plays this character. Raja has a big goal: he wants to win a gold medal for his country. But, he faces a big challenge when he meets another athlete named Angad, played by Jag Singh. Angad does some bad things which prevent Raja from competing again. Because of this, Raja has many problems and he decides to enter the world of crime to get back at Angad. The main thing we wonder while watching is whether Raja will be able to take revenge on Angad or not.

From the trailer, it seemed that “Medal” had a really interesting story. When watching the movie, it’s clear that not only is the story good, but the way it’s told is also very engaging. The way the story moves forward keeps the audience interested, but there are some parts that might not be needed.

The movie has some really good acting. Jay Randhawa, who plays Raja, does a great job. He starts off as a nice, simple person but changes into a tough criminal. His acting shows this change very well.

Baani Sandhu is new to acting but she does a good job in this film. It would have been nice to see more of her in the movie. Jag Singh plays the bad guy, Angad, and he does it very well. His look and the way he acts make him a convincing villain. Other actors like Hobby Dhaliwal and Pardeep Rawat also add to the movie with their roles.

Jassi Lohka wrote a really good story for “Medal”. Director Maneesh Bhatt did a great job in making the movie, especially in showing Jay Randhawa’s character in different ways.

There are some action scenes in “Medal” that are very exciting and remind people of other action-packed movies like KGF: Chapter 2. The background music in the film helps make these scenes even more thrilling.

The movie has some lines or dialogues that people really liked. After watching, people remembered and talked about lines like ‘Jithe saada raula hou othe 302 hi lagugi paa do status’ and ‘patte te duniya kise di marji naal ni hilde hilaune painde aa’.

Overall, “Medal” is a very good movie. It has a story that keeps people interested, great acting, and some exciting action. People who like action movies or are fans of Jay Randhawa should definitely watch “Medal”. It’s a movie that will give them a fun time at the cinema.


                                               ⭐IMDB Rating: 6.6/10⭐


Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order)  

Jayy RandhawaJayy RandhawaRaja
Baani SandhuBaani SandhuRupinder Kaur
Jag SinghJag SinghAngad Dhaliwal
Pradeep Singh RawatPradeep Singh Rawat  
Hobby DhaliwalHobby Dhaliwal  
Davvy SinghDavvy SinghHimmat Singh
Anita MeetAnita Meet  
Kavi SinghKavi SinghBikka
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
AnkurAnkurJail Kaidi
Ram AujlaRam AujlaSajjan
Ram AujlaRam AujlaSajjan
Harpreet BhooraHarpreet BhooraUjan Singh Gang Member
Seven ChahalSeven ChahalSajjan Singh Gang Member
Daljit DaliDaljit DaliRaja’s Father
Hobby DhaliwalHobby DhaliwalBakhtawar
Lucky DhaliwalLucky DhaliwalBilla
Nirbhay DhaliwalNirbhay DhaliwalAngad’ Father
Sukhmani KaurSukhmani KaurRaja’s Sister
Lakha LehriLakha LehriRaja’s Chacha
Lakha LehriLakha LehriRaja’s Chacha
Jaswinder MakraunaJaswinder MakraunaCoach
Anita MeetAnita MeetRaja’s Mother
Kuldeep NiamiKuldeep NiamiRaja Gang Member
Jatinder RamgarhiaJatinder RamgarhiaGora’s Father
Jayy RandhawaJayy Randhawa  
Davvy SinghDavvy SinghMakhna
Gurteg SinghGurteg SinghYoung Raja
Jag SinghJag SinghAngad
Kavi SinghKavi SinghSajjan Singh’s son Bikka
Pradeep SinghPradeep SinghMantri
Galav WaraichGalav WaraichLangra

Produced by 

Gaurav Bhatiaproducer
Jassi Lohkaproducer
Dixit Sahniproducer

Music by 

Avvy Sra 

Cinematography by 

Niraj Singh 

Editing by 

Mandip Singh 

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