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Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae (2023) Movie Plot:

The Punjabi romantic comedy film Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae (2023) tells the story of Raja (Ammy Virk), a blind man who falls in love with Roop (Pari Pandher) at first sight at a wedding. After that event, Raja decided to go after Roop and her family, but on the way, something terrible happened. He had an accident, and it took away his sight.

Now, even though he couldn’t see, Raja had something burning inside him. He was determined to find Roop once more. So, he made a journey to England to get treatment, and there, he made a new friend, Nasir, who was just like him, unable to see. Nasir became Raja’s guide in this new world and helped him find love again.

One fateful day, Raja and Nasir met a group of Indian girls, and guess who was among them? Roop! Raja was struck by the same powerful feeling for her, but he was scared. He didn’t know how to tell her that he couldn’t see anymore because he was afraid she might not want him if she found out.

As time passed, Roop learned about Raja’s blindness, and she didn’t flinch. She accepted him just the way he was. They fell in love, and it was a deep, beautiful love, but it wasn’t without its difficulties.

Roop’s family didn’t like her being with a blind man. Her dad, Sardar Harpal Singh, was old-fashioned and thought Roop deserved someone who could see. He tried to convince Roop to break up with Raja, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

Raja had his own worries and fears. Sometimes, he doubted if he was good enough for Roop, and he was scared she might leave him someday. But Roop’s love and support gave him strength.

Despite all the problems they faced, Raja and Roop’s love conquered all. They didn’t let their families’ disapproval get in the way, and they lived happily ever after.

When Raja went to England, it wasn’t a walk in the park. He had to deal with money problems, not understanding the language, and getting used to a whole new culture. But he was on a mission to find Roop and start fresh.

Raja’s new buddy, Nasir, was a lifeline. Nasir helped Raja get used to his new life in England and taught him how to live independently.

Raja and Roop’s relationship was like a rollercoaster. They had their ups and downs, but their love always came through. They learned to rely on each other, no matter what.

Raja’s family was on his side too. His mom, Sardarni Surjit Kaur, was a kind and caring woman who believed in Raja’s dreams. She never stopped encouraging him to keep going for Roop and for himself.

This movie isn’t just a regular movie; it’s a story that will touch your heart deeply. It’s about the incredible strength of love, the importance of accepting people as they are, and how strong people can be in tough times. Plus, it’s also a big shout-out to Punjabi culture, and you’ll get to see lots of their traditions, music, and dancing. They even threw in some fun Punjabi songs for good measure!

So, “Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae” (2023) isn’t just a movie; it’s a heartwarming and entertaining experience. It’ll leave you feeling inspired and believing in the power of love, accepting people for who they are, and the strength we all have inside us.


                                                    ⭐IMDB Rating: 6.0/10⭐


Cast & Crew



Nasir ChinyotiNasir Chinyoti  
Kinhikar Ashwini DeoleKinhikar Ashwini DeoleWife 2
Deedar GillDeedar Gill  
Hardeep GillHardeep Gill  
Gurdeep GrewalGurdeep Grewal  
Sammy Jonas HeaneySammy Jonas HeaneyGora
Tarn KaurTarn KaurTarn
Gagneet Singh MakhanGagneet Singh MakhanNimma
Amar NoorieAmar Noorie  
Pari PandherPari Pandher  
Nirmal RishiNirmal Rishi  
Rimpy RoopraiRimpy RoopraiBhura
Iftikhar ThakurIftikhar Thakur  
Ammy VirkAmmy Virk  

Produced by 

Gurpreet Singh Princeproducer (as Gurpreet Singh)
Amrit Sawhneyline producer
Abhishek Sharmaexecutive producer (as Abhishek Sharma Monty)

Art Direction by 

Sam Mahajan(art direction)

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