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The Flash (2023) Movie Plot:

“The Flash” from 2023 is a movie made by four big companies: Warner Bros. Pictures, Double Dream, DC Studios, and the Disco Factory. It’s about a superhero named Barry Allen. In this movie, Barry tries to fix things from the past, but he faces a lot of problems doing it.

How the Movie Was Made:

This movie took about 30 years to plan and make. It is the 13th movie in a series called the DC Extended Universe (or DCEU for short). A man named Andy Muschietti directed it, and a woman named Christina Hodson wrote the story. Before them, many people tried to make the movie but left because they didn’t agree on things. They started filming the movie in April 2021. The story was inspired by a famous comic book called “Flashpoint”. The movie was shown to people for the first time in June 2023. Some people liked the funny parts, the action, and the actors. But some people didn’t like some parts of the movie, so it didn’t make a lot of money in theaters.

The Story in the Movie:

The movie tells the story of Barry Allen. At the beginning, Barry, Bruce Wayne, and Diana Prince stop bad guys from stealing things. But Barry is very sad because his mother died a long time ago, and people wrongly said his father did it. Because he’s so sad, Barry uses his super speed to go back in time to try and stop his mother from dying.

But, changing the past can make things different in the present. Barry finds himself in a different 2013 where his parents are alive. But, there’s another Barry there from that time, on the day he became The Flash. The present-day Barry makes sure the 2013 Barry gets his superpowers, but then he loses his own powers. Also, there’s a big problem. A bad guy named General Zod wants to attack. And Barry can’t find his superhero friends to help. So, he looks for Bruce Wayne. Instead of finding a young Bruce, he finds an older one. He also finds a superhero girl named Kara Zor-El (or Supergirl) who is trapped in a cold place called Siberia.

In this new world, another bad event happened. Zod had killed Superman when he was just a baby, and now Supergirl is very important to Zod’s plans. Even though Bruce tries to stop Zod, he can’t. Things get very intense. There are two Barrys, and a very surprising older and angry Barry appears, called the Dark Flash.

The most important part of the movie is when the 2013 Barry decides to give up his life to stop the Dark Flash and save the world. Then, the original Barry goes back to fix the past. He still feels sad about his mother, but he changes a small thing so that his father isn’t blamed anymore.

When Barry comes back to his time, he sees that things are different again. He meets Bruce Wayne, who also looks different because of what Barry did in the past.


                                  ⭐IMDB Rating: 6.9/10⭐

Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Ezra MillerEzra MillerBarry Allen / The Flash
Michael KeatonMichael KeatonBruce Wayne / Batman
Sasha CalleSasha CalleKara Zor-El / Supergirl
Michael ShannonMichael ShannonGeneral Zod
Ron LivingstonRon LivingstonHenry Allen
Maribel VerdúMaribel VerdúNora Allen
Kiersey ClemonsKiersey ClemonsIris West
Jeremy IronsJeremy IronsAlfred Pennyworth
Antje TraueAntje TraueFaora-Ul
Saoirse-Monica JacksonSaoirse-Monica JacksonPatty
Rudy MancusoRudy MancusoAlbert
Temuera MorrisonTemuera MorrisonThomas Curry
Sanjeev BhaskarSanjeev BhaskarDavid Singh
Sean RogersSean RogersGary
Kieran HodgsonKieran HodgsonSandwich Guy
Luke Brandon FieldLuke Brandon FieldAl Falcone
Ian LohIan LohKid Barry
Karl CollinsKarl CollinsHenry’s Lawyer
Nikolaj Coster-WaldauNikolaj Coster-WaldauPizza Guy (as Lucas Desange)
Poppy ShepherdPoppy ShepherdFlash Fan
Nina Barker-FrancisNina Barker-FrancisFlash Fan
Ava HamadaAva HamadaFlash Fan
Maurice ChungMaurice ChungFlash Fan
Florence WrightFlorence WrightBaby Nurse
Bastian Antonio FuentesBastian Antonio FuentesTony’s Son (as Bastian Fuentes)
Andoni GraciaAndoni GraciaTony
Alex HankAlex HankSecurity Guard
Miki MuschiettiMiki MuschiettiCrying Toddler
Rebecca HillerRebecca HillerToddler’s Mother
Rob HuntRob HuntFalcone’s Crew
Jonny StockwellJonny StockwellFalcone’s Crew
Michael ByrchMichael ByrchFalcone’s Crew
Bret JonesBret JonesNeighbour with Dog
Sue MaundSue MaundNeighbour with Dog
Alex BatareanuAlex BatareanuRussian Captain
Andrei NovaAndrei NovaRussian Guard
Gabriel ConstantinGabriel ConstantinHead Scientist
Oleg MirochnikovOleg MirochnikovScientist
Katia ElizarovaKatia ElizarovaScientist
Dennis GoodDennis GoodScientist (as Denis Khoroshko)
Zsuzsa MagyarZsuzsa MagyarScientist
Michael LermanMichael LermanScientist
Rosie EdeRosie EdeThomas Curry’s Wife
Andy MuschiettiAndy MuschiettiHot Dog Reporter
Ed WadeEd WadeCourt Reporter
Ellie RawnsleyEllie RawnsleyMetropolis Reporter
Greg LockettGreg LockettGotham Reporter
Chelsea Leigh MacleodChelsea Leigh MacleodGotham Reporter
Leslie SooLeslie SooStaff Nurse
Freya EvansFreya EvansWoman in Park
Sue MooreSue MooreWoman with Shopping Cart
Lynn FarleighLynn FarleighJudge
Martin PembertonMartin PembertonAmbulance Driver
Sarah LawnSarah LawnMagician
David CalvittoDavid CalvittoBatman Suit Performer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Christopher ReeveChristopher ReeveSuperman (archive footage)
George ReevesGeorge ReevesSuperman (archive footage)
Helen SlaterHelen SlaterSupergirl (archive footage)
Adam WestAdam WestBatman (archive footage)
Ben AffleckBen AffleckBatman / Bruce Wayne (uncredited)
Cain AidenCain AidenCrime Lab Employee (uncredited)
Judy BlackettJudy BlackettAlien Invasion Passerby (uncredited)
Ben BradleyBen BradleyBusinessman / Pedestrian (uncredited)
Nicolas CageNicolas CageSuperman (uncredited)
Sophie CliftonSophie CliftonSchool Child (uncredited)
George ClooneyGeorge ClooneyBruce Wayne (uncredited)
DarrenjclarkeDarrenjclarkeTaxi Driver (uncredited)
Nick DavisonNick DavisonCentral City Passerby (uncredited)
Liam EdwardsLiam EdwardsBar Customer (uncredited)
Paul FairliePaul FairliePolice Officer (uncredited)
Malachi FerdinandMalachi FerdinandCar Mechanic (uncredited)
Stephane FichetStephane FichetAmerican Neighbor (uncredited)
Gal GadotGal GadotWonder Woman (uncredited)
Oliver GriffinOliver GriffinSchool Child (uncredited)
Eve HardingEve HardingPasser-by (uncredited)
Tianyi KiyTianyi KiyHospital Passerby (uncredited)
Felicity LambFelicity LambBoardroom Member (uncredited)
Richie LawrieRichie LawrieDesert Soldier (uncredited)
Andy M MilliganAndy M MilliganSports Bar Customer (uncredited)
Jason MomoaJason MomoaArthur Curry (uncredited)
Marvin MontouteMarvin MontouteCrime Lab Employee (uncredited)
Christopher MooreChristopher MoorePasserby (uncredited)
Moziah PinderMoziah PinderDesert Soldier (uncredited)
Richard SutarRichard SutarDesert Soldier (uncredited)
Eric TiedeEric TiedeSecurity Guard (uncredited)
James TravisJames TravisAction Actor (uncredited)

Produced by 

Michael Discoproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Toby Emmerichexecutive producer
Walter Hamadaexecutive producer
Marianne Jenkinsexecutive producer
Michael Lermanco-producer
Richard Mirischco-producer
Barbara Muschiettiproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Galen Vaismanexecutive producer

Music by 

Benjamin Wallfisch(music by)

Cinematography by 

Henry Brahamdirector of photography

Editing by 

Jason Ballantine(edited by)
Paul Machliss(edited by)

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