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Panchayat Season 3: An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

 Panchayat Season 3- Highlights

Watchers may expect an intense confrontation in the upcoming third season when Jitendra Kumar’s character Abhishek Tripathi squares up against the powerful MLA Chandra Kishore Singh. Allies will be put to the test as the stakes rise, and Abhishek will need to successfully negotiate a complex web of political intrigue. The scene is set for a fierce struggle in which the panchayat’s future is at stake thanks to the assistance of surprising friends.

Amazon Prime Video has released Panchayat Season 3, which is a charming and controlled show. The regular suspects—Pradhan ji, Pradhan Pati, Sachiv Ji, Prahlad ji, Vidhayak Ji, and others—return, providing us with yet another window into the village of Phulora’s politics. 

 Panchayat Season 3-Release Date

On May 28, 2024, Panchayat Season 3 was released on Amazon Prime Video, offering viewers an exciting new chapter in the story full of turns, twists, and high-stakes conflicts.

Flashback of Panchayat Season 1 & 2

The main character of Panchayat is Jitendra Kumar’s Abhishek Tripathi, an engineering graduate who, because of a lack of employment possibilities, ends up being recruited as the Panchayat office secretary in the made-up village of Phulera. The show follows Abhishek as he struggles to adjust to rural life, deal with the bureaucracy, and negotiate the complexities of local politics. The script deftly combines drama, humor, and an element of social commentary to produce an engaging story that connects with the audience.

All about the Panchayat Season Season 3

Ammaji, Jagmohan’s wife, arrives at the Panchayat office in tears. Ammaji, who is brilliantly portrayed by Abha Sharma, says that she was forced to live in a thatched hut after being ejected from Jagmohan and his wife’s “pucca” (brick) house. She begs for Sachiv ji, the well-liked character played by Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi, to return to work and put her name on the Prime Minister’s house for the poor initiative.

Since Jagmohan and his Ammaji have always coexisted peacefully, Abhishek is dubious of this recent development. He visits Jagmohan’s house to investigate the elderly woman’s accusations. Ammaji receives an allocation despite the fact that Pradhan Pati (Raghubeer Yadav)’s politics prove to be erroneous. 

 Panchayat Season 3-Cast

The show’s success also stems from its well-developed cast of characters, each of whom adds depth to the plot. Abhishek Tripathi, portrayed by Jitendra Kumar, is a charming and realistic character who goes through a process of self-discovery while attempting to make sense of his new surroundings. The story gains a sense of genuineness and a strong presence from Neena Gupta, who plays the village chief, Manju Devi. Chandan Roy and Faisal Malik are among the supporting cast members who enhance the main roles.

 Panchayat Season 3- Review

TVF appears to be holding onto the magic formula hidden inside for making episodes that are cosy and comforting. The third season of TVF’s 2020 social comedy series Panchayat is filled with the same pleasant vibe. Panchayat has raised the bar even higher with its current season, which boasts exquisite writing, subtle acting, and—surprise—a more realistic picture of rural India than the show’s first two seasons. You’ll laugh, weep, think, and most likely google the government’s Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana after reading it!

This season is unique because the rose-colored glasses are taken off. The protagonists maintain their friendly companionship, but we learn about their turbulent personal stories and their emotional baggage and catastrophes, which creates space for a paradigm shift. Political rivalries get more intense, and the fallout is more dangerous. To put it bluntly, Panchayat’s third season delivers harsh reality checks and destroys a few glittering bubbles of a utopian dream.


Panchayat’s location and events have a lighthearted, comic syntax that adds to the film’s laid-back atmosphere while retaining interesting people and plot points. Humor has always accompanied the world-building. However, the script chooses to take things more seriously this time. It’s not like the humor in the series is lacking. 

However, the story has a more somber and mature tone because of the events that transpired at the close of the previous season and some characters growing up. Prahlad has stopped visiting his home since his son’s death and has turned into a drinker. The way the script is written makes his anguish obvious, and it is evident in the fifth episode, season 3 getting into the rhythm of the Panchayat we have all liked.

FAQs About Panchayat Season 3 

Q.1: What is the release date for Panchayat Season 3?

Ans: 28th May, 2024

Q.2: Where can I watch Panchayat Season 3 online?


Q.3: Who are the main cast members returning for Panchayat Season 3?

Ans: This season with Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Biswapati Sarkar, Chandan Roy, Neena Gupta, and Faisal Malik is an amazing cast that should make it just as entertaining and memorable as the previous ones.

Q.4: What can we expect from the plot of Panchayat Season 3?

Ans: In the third season of Panchayat, characters must deal with moral quandaries and the fallout from their choices as they examine power dynamics and personal ideals. The show sheds light on money matters and the consequences of putting your trust in the wrong people. Amazon Prime Video has released Panchayat Season 3, which is a charming and controlled show.

Q.5: Is there a trailer available for Panchayat Season 3?

Ans: Yes.

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