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To End All War: Oppenheimer Movie Plot:

“Oppenheimer” is an exciting biographical movie, released in the year 2023. This captivating film is both directed and scripted by the renowned Christopher Nolan. It’s a cinematic adaptation of a book published in 2005 that tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a key player in the development of the world’s first nuclear weapons. The lead role of Oppenheimer is played by the actor Cillian Murphy, while other important characters are portrayed by Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, and Robert Downey Jr.

In 2021, Universal Pictures managed to secure the rights to Nolan’s script. The preparatory phase of the movie, known as pre-production, started the following year in 2022. The movie was filmed during the early months of the year, from February to May. A unique feature of the movie is that it was shot using IMAX 65 mm film technology and, for the first time in history, it was also filmed in black-and-white.

The movie made its initial appearance on the big screen in Paris in July 2023, and shortly thereafter, it was released in cinemas in the US and the UK. When the film was released alongside “Barbie”, it sparked a social media trend humorously dubbed “Barbenheimer”. The film has been successful, bringing in over $400 million worldwide. Audiences and critics alike have praised it, particularly for its well-crafted screenplay, stunning visuals, and outstanding performances.

The plot of the movie follows the life of a young Oppenheimer. The narrative begins in 1926 with Oppenheimer as a young man studying physics at Cambridge. He struggles with feelings of homesickness and anxiety during his studies. Upon completing his PhD, he returns to the US, where he meets Katherine, who would become his wife. However, Oppenheimer’s life takes a complicated turn when he begins an affair with a member of the communist party, an affair that tragically ends in her suicide.

The film’s storyline takes a dramatic shift in 1942 when Oppenheimer is asked to head the Manhattan Project, which aimed to develop an atomic bomb. Following the successful creation and deployment of the bomb on Japan, Oppenheimer is dubbed the “father of the atomic bomb”. However, this achievement haunts him, filling him with guilt. He pleads with President Truman to halt the development of nuclear weapons, but the President argues that the responsibility falls solely on him.

As the movie progresses, Oppenheimer becomes a voice against the further advancement of nuclear weapons. This stance puts him at odds with others during the tense period of the Cold War. Eventually, his past connections to communism lead to his downfall and removal from political influence. Despite this, he receives recognition for his scientific contributions through the Enrico Fermi Award, presented to him by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1963. The film concludes with a reflective Oppenheimer, who confesses his belief that he started a dangerous sequence of events with the creation of nuclear weapons.


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Cast & Crew

Cast (in credits order) 

Cillian MurphyCillian MurphyJ. Robert Oppenheimer
Emily BluntEmily BluntKitty Oppenheimer
Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr.Lewis Strauss
Alden EhrenreichAlden EhrenreichSenate Aide
Scott GrimesScott GrimesCounsel
Jason ClarkeJason ClarkeRoger Robb
Kurt KoehlerKurt KoehlerThomas Morgan
Tony GoldwynTony GoldwynGordon Gray
John GowansJohn GowansWard Evans
Macon BlairMacon BlairLloyd Garrison
James D'ArcyJames D’ArcyPatrick Blackett
Kenneth BranaghKenneth BranaghNiels Bohr
Harry GroenerHarry GroenerSenator McGee
Gregory JbaraGregory JbaraChairman Magnuson
Ted KingTed KingSenator Bartlett
Tim DeKayTim DeKaySenator Pastore
Steven HouskaSteven HouskaSenator Scott
Tom ContiTom ContiAlbert Einstein
David KrumholtzDavid KrumholtzIsidor Rabi
Petrie WillinkPetrie WillinkDutch Student
Matthias SchweighöferMatthias SchweighöferWerner Heisenberg
Josh HartnettJosh HartnettErnest Lawrence
Alex WolffAlex WolffLuis Alvarez
Josh ZuckermanJosh ZuckermanRossi Lomanitz
Rory KeaneRory KeaneHartland Snyder
Michael AngaranoMichael AngaranoRobert Serber
Dylan ArnoldDylan ArnoldFrank Oppenheimer
Emma DumontEmma DumontJackie Oppenheimer
Florence PughFlorence PughJean Tatlock
Sadie StrattonSadie StrattonMary Washburn
Jefferson HallJefferson HallHaakon Chevalier
Britt KyleBritt KyleBarbara Chevalier
Guy BurnetGuy BurnetGeorge Eltenton
Tom JenkinsTom JenkinsRichard Tolman
Matthew ModineMatthew ModineVannevar Bush
Louise LombardLouise LombardRuth Tolman
David DastmalchianDavid DastmalchianWilliam Borden
Michael Andrew BakerMichael Andrew BakerJoe Volpe
Jeff HephnerJeff HephnerCongressman
Matt DamonMatt DamonLeslie Groves
Dane DeHaanDane DeHaanKenneth Nichols
Olli HaaskiviOlli HaaskiviEdward Condon
David RysdahlDavid RysdahlDonald Hornig
Josh PeckJosh PeckKenneth Bainbridge
Jack QuaidJack QuaidRichard Feynman
Brett DelBuonoBrett DelBuonoConcerned Scientist
Benny SafdieBenny SafdieEdward Teller
Gustaf SkarsgårdGustaf SkarsgårdHans Bethe
James UrbaniakJames UrbaniakKurt Gödel
Trond FausaTrond FausaGeorge Kistiakowsky
Devon BostickDevon BostickSeth Neddermeyer
Danny DeferrariDanny DeferrariEnrico Fermi
Christopher DenhamChristopher DenhamKlaus Fuchs
Jessica Erin MartinJessica Erin MartinCharlotte Serber
Ronald AugusteRonald AugusteJ Ernest Wilkins
Rami MalekRami MalekDavid Hill
Máté HaumannMáté HaumannLeo Szilard
Olivia ThirlbyOlivia ThirlbyLilli Hornig
Jack Cutmore-ScottJack Cutmore-ScottLyall Johnson
Casey AffleckCasey AffleckBoris Pash
Harrison GilbertsonHarrison GilbertsonPhilip Morrison
James RemarJames RemarHenry Stimson
Will RobertsWill RobertsGeorge C. Marshall
Pat SkipperPat SkipperJames Byrnes
Steve CoulterSteve CoulterJames Conant
Jeremy John WellsJeremy John WellsAAF Officer
Sean AverySean AveryWeatherman
Adam KroegerAdam KroegerArmy Captain
Drew KenneyDrew KenneySoldier
Bryce JohnsonBryce JohnsonAAF Officer 2
Flora NolanFlora NolanBurn Victim
Kerry WestcottKerry WestcottLaughing Woman
Christina HogueChristina HogueKissing Woman
Clay BunkerClay BunkerKissing Man
Tyler BeardsleyTyler BeardsleyWeeping Man
Maria Teresa ZuppettaMaria Teresa ZuppettaConsoling Woman
Kate FrenchKate FrenchPresidential Aide
Gary OldmanGary OldmanHarry Truman
Hap LawrenceHap LawrenceLyndon Johnson
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Yaser Al-NyrabeahYaser Al-NyrabeahBerkeley Student (uncredited)
Hunter AvantHunter AvantArmy Support Soldier (uncredited)
Aevrey BalinAevrey BalinLecture Attendee (uncredited)
Kevin BerndtKevin BerndtProfessor (uncredited)
David BertucciDavid BertucciJanitorial Crew (uncredited)
Troy BronsonTroy BronsonJoseph W. Kennedy (uncredited)
Steven BullardSteven BullardScientist (uncredited)
Ross BuranRoss BuranLewis Strauss Jr. (uncredited)
Andrew BursiagaAndrew BursiagaMale Student (uncredited)
Kaleb CliftonKaleb CliftonCongressman (uncredited)
Samuel CodeSamuel CodeLecture (uncredited)
Michael DeBartoloMichael DeBartoloOppenheimer Party Guest (uncredited)
Elijah DierkingElijah DierkingStudent (uncredited)
Russel DonahueRussel DonahueCambridge Student (uncredited)
Adam Walker FedermanAdam Walker FedermanMIT Student (uncredited)
Doug FriedmanDoug FriedmanCommission (uncredited)
Michelle GhatanMichelle GhatanCambridge Student (uncredited)
Braden Kelsey GileBraden Kelsey GileBerkeley Student (uncredited)
James Paul GregoryJames Paul GregoryBerkeley Student (uncredited)
Christine HeneiseChristine HeneiseLady Bird Johnson (uncredited)
John T. HillmanJohn T. HillmanBerkeley Professor (uncredited)
Katherine HoganKatherine HoganFemale Scientist (uncredited)
Ben HolmquistBen HolmquistCambridge Student (uncredited)
Kash HoveyKash HoveyOppenheimer Party Guest (uncredited)
Jacquie KachmannJacquie KachmannStudent (uncredited)
Asher KaplanAsher KaplanStudent (uncredited)
Dirk KingstonDirk KingstonScientist (uncredited)
Emily Joy LemusEmily Joy LemusStudent (uncredited)
Benjamin LevineBenjamin LevineMale Student (UC Berkeley) (uncredited)
Luke MatheisLuke MatheisWhite House Guest (uncredited)
Brendan McManusBrendan McManusPeter Oppenheimer (uncredited)
Connor MendenhallConnor MendenhallCambridge Student (uncredited)
Elise NewmanElise NewmanStudent (uncredited)
Joseph OrtegaJoseph OrtegaArmy Support Soldier (uncredited)
Jason PfisterJason PfisterBerkeley Student (uncredited)
David PhyferDavid PhyferSenator Strom Thurmond (uncredited)
Skyler PierceSkyler PierceBerkeley Student (uncredited)
Michaela RancesMichaela RancesBerkeley Student (uncredited)
Ryan RathbunRyan RathbunLecture Attendee (uncredited)
Sam RussellSam RussellM Corridor Staff (uncredited)
Paolo SagliettoPaolo SagliettoStudent (uncredited)
Meg SchimelpfenigMeg SchimelpfenigSenator’s Assistant¬†(uncredited)
Susan Elizabeth ShawSusan Elizabeth ShawStrauss’s Fianc√©e¬†(uncredited)
Travis SiemonTravis SiemonHall Press (uncredited)
Ryan StuboRyan StuboPaul Dirac (uncredited)
Jacob TaylorJacob TaylorLab Student (uncredited)
Scott ValentineScott ValentineCourtroom Audience (uncredited)
Jack WangJack WangCambridge Student (uncredited)
Kyle WilliamsKyle WilliamsLab Student (uncredited)
Ansa WooAnsa WooFemale Student #70 (uncredited)
Aamir YusufAamir YusufCambridge Student (uncredited)

Produced by 

Thomas Hayslipexecutive producer
Christopher Nolanproducer (p.g.a.)
Charles Rovenproducer (p.g.a.)
Emma Thomasproducer (p.g.a.)
J. David Wargoexecutive producer
James Woodsexecutive producer

Music by 

Ludwig Göransson(music by)

Cinematography by 

Hoyte Van Hoytemadirector of photography

Editing by 

Jennifer Lame(edited by)

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