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K.G.F: Chapter 1 Movie Plot:

K.G.F: Chapter 1 is a movie from 2018 made in the Kannada language. It’s an action-packed film set in olden times. The man behind its creation is Prashanth Neel who directed it. The production house responsible for this film is Hombale Films. When it came out, it was a big deal because it had a lot of money spent on it, making it the priciest Kannada movie then. Many famous actors and actresses played roles in this film. The main story is about a man named Rocky. Rocky is a tough guy working in Bombay’s world of illegal gold dealings. He has big dreams of being rich and powerful. The big challenge for him in the movie? He has to go after Garuda, a very important man connected to the famous Kolar Gold Fields.

Making the film was a long process. They started planning everything in 2015 and began shooting scenes in 2017. The movie shows off different beautiful places in Karnataka. The film’s music, which many enjoyed, was done by Ravi Basrur. When the movie was shown to the public in December 2018, many people liked it. In fact, it made more money than any other Kannada film at that time. It also got some prizes at big events like the 66th National Film Awards and the 66th Filmfare Awards South.

Plot Summary:

The movie was inspired by a book named El Dorado. This book, written by Anand Ingalagi, was not allowed by the government. But the story from the book is what the movie tells. It’s about the events at a place called the Kolar Gold Fields from 1951 up to 2018. Gold was found there, and it led to a lot of crimes. A man named Suryavardhan became very powerful because of it. He had a plan for his son, Garuda, to take over in the future. But, there were others who had sneaky plans of their own.

The movie’s hero, Rocky, wants two things: money and to be a powerful man. He becomes a part of the criminal world in Bombay. He climbs the ladder there quickly. A man with a lot of influence, named Andrews, gives Rocky a big job. He needs to go after Garuda. Rocky goes to K.G.F and sees how badly the workers there are treated. Many bad things happen, but Rocky stands up and fights. He becomes someone the workers look up to. The big moment in the story? Rocky manages to get rid of Garuda. This changes everything and many powerful people take notice.

This movie is just the beginning. There’s more to come in the story, which will be in the next part.


                                            ⭐IMDB Rating: 8.2/10⭐

Cast & Crew

Cast (in credits order)

YashYashRocky / Raja Krishnappa Bairya
Srinidhi ShettySrinidhi ShettyReena
Ramachandra RajuRamachandra RajuGaruda
Archana JoisArchana JoisGangamma / Rocky’s Mother
Anant NagAnant NagAnand Ingalagi
Vasishta N. SimhaVasishta N. SimhaKamal
Achyuth KumarAchyuth KumarGuru Pandyan
Srinivasa MurthySrinivasa MurthyNarayan
BalakrishnaBalakrishnaInayath Khalil
Ramesh IndhiraRamesh IndhiraSooryavardhan
Harish RaiHarish RaiKhasim
Dinesh MangaluruDinesh MangaluruShetty
Ayyappa P. SharmaAyyappa P. SharmaVanaram
KrishnappaKrishnappaOld Man
Anmol Vijay BhatkalAnmol Vijay BhatkalYoung Rocky
Malavika AvinashMalavika AvinashDeepa Hegde
Joy BadlaniJoy BadlaniBhadhra
Neenasam AshwathNeenasam AshwathKulkarni (as Ninasam Ashwath)
Siam HowladerSiam Howlader(voice)
B.S. AvinashB.S. AvinashAndrews
Lakki LakshmanLakki LakshmanRajendra Desai
T.S. NagabharanaT.S. NagabharanaNews Channel Owner
Tarak PonnappaTarak PonnappaDaya (as Tharak Ponnappa)
Roopa RayappaRoopa RayappaShanti
Puneeth RudranagPuneeth RudranagRugga
Ashok SharmaAshok SharmaYoung Anand Ingalagi
Tamannaah BhatiaTamannaah BhatiaMilky
Mouni RoyMouni RoyLucy
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Usha BhandaryUsha Bhandary  
Vinay BidappaVinay BidappaVirat
Amar Kumar DangAmar Kumar DangVillian
Vikram GaikwadVikram GaikwadRana (as Vikram Gaikwad Vg)
Govinde GowdaGovinde GowdaOffice Assistant
Mohan JunejaMohan JunejaInformer
Chandu KanuriChandu KanuriShankar
John KokkenJohn KokkenJohn
Kamrul Hossain MihirKamrul Hossain Mihir  
Robayet Hossain OviRobayet Hossain Ovi  
Dhool PrakashDhool Prakash  
Ugramm RaviUgramm Ravi  
Jaguar SannappaJaguar Sannappa  
Anmol SharmaAnmol SharmaRaja (as Anmol)
Yash ShettyYash ShettyShyam
B. SureshaB. SureshaVittal (as B. Suresh)
Tamanna aktar TomaTamanna aktar Toma(voice)
Farsi ZamanFarsi Zaman  

Produced by 

Karthik Gowdaexecutive producer (as Karthik)
Hetvi Kariaproducer
Vijay Kiragandurproducer
K.V. Rama Raoexecutive producer

Music by 

Ravi Basrur 

Cinematography by 

Bhuvan Gowda 

Editing by 

Srikanth Gowda 

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