Ganapath (2023) Hindi

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Ganapath (2023) Hindi

In 2023, the movie “Ganapath: A Hero is Born” hit the screens in India. It’s a kind of action movie that tells a story set in the future, specifically in the year 2070. This isn’t a future you’d want to visit, though. It’s pretty grim, filled with chaos and unhappiness.

The person behind all this on-screen action is Vikas Bahl. He’s not just the director but also one of the people who put money into making the movie. You know, they need money to make all those explosions and cool stunts happen. Vikas had some important friends helping him too, like Jackky Bhagnani, Vashu Bhagnani, and Deepshikha Deshmukh. They all worked together to make this movie possible.

The main character in the movie is Guddu. He’s the hero of our story, and he’s not just any hero. He turns into someone called Ganapath. Ganapath is kind of like a superhero. He has a really important job – to protect people from a very bad group led by a lady named Dalini. She’s a pretty tough bad guy, and someone needs to stop her.

The whole journey of making Ganapath movie started back in November 2020. They didn’t just start filming right away; they had to plan everything carefully. This is what they call the pre-production stage. It’s like making a recipe before you actually cook the meal. It took them a long time to get all the details just right.

When they finally started filming in November 2021, it was like the heart of the movie was beating. Filming is where all the actors and crew go to exciting places to capture the story. For “Ganapath,” they went to some cool spots like the United Kingdom, Ladakh, and Mumbai. These places made the movie look fantastic.

The hero, Ganapath, and his normal self, Guddu, are both played by Tiger Shroff. But there are more famous faces in the movie. Amitabh Bachchan and Kriti Sanon, who are big stars in the Indian movie world, are in it too. They make the story feel real and add some extra depth to their characters.

But here’s the thing: when “Ganapath” was released in theaters on October 20, 2023, it didn’t make everyone happy. In fact, a lot of people – both the ones watching in the theaters and the experts who review movies – didn’t like it much. They said some not-so-nice things about the movie.

But don’t let that get you down. Making a movie is a big adventure, and not every adventure turns out perfectly. “Ganapath” might not have pleased everyone, but it still stands as a symbol of what people can do when they have a big dream. It’s like a reminder that even when things are tough and the world seems sad, there can be heroes who emerge to save the day.

So, what’s the big message in all of this? Well, “Ganapath” is like a story of warning about a future that’s pretty dark. But it’s also a story about a hero who fights against all odds. It’s a story that tells us how strong people can be and how important hope is, even when everything seems sad. It’s a tale that shows how every person can have the power to change things, even in a world that’s not perfect.


                                                                               ⭐IMDB Rating: 6.1/10⭐


Cast & Crew

Cast (in credits order)  

Tiger ShroffTiger Shroff  
Himanshu JaykarHimanshu Jaykar  
Kriti SanonKriti Sanon  
Amitabh BachchanAmitabh Bachchan  
Adi ChughAdi ChughJas
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Joynal AbedenJoynal Abeden  
Arnob Khan AkibArnob Khan Akib  
Akram ArshadAkram ArshadAkram – Assistant Trainer
Nikky AthanNikky AthanVIP guest (as Nikiforos Athanasoglou)
Elli AvrramElli AvrramRosie
Muqadas Farooq AwanMuqadas Farooq AwanMuqadas (as SkaterrBoyy)
Azzy BagriaAzzy BagriaGuest appearance (as Bagria Azzy)
Ziad BakriZiad Bakri  
Farhan BaqiFarhan BaqiCommentator
Shivangi BhardwajShivangi Bhardwaj  
Jas BinagJas BinagHarry (Commentator)
Milos BindasMilos Bindas  
Bogumila BubiakBogumila Bubiak  
Hamza ButtHamza ButtV.I.P Fight Spectator – Arab Sheikh
Brahim ChabBrahim ChabBloodbath
Lee CharlesLee CharlesDragon
Anil ChristieAnil ChristieAudience
Al DeradoAl DeradoSilver City Guard / John’s Bodyguard
Martin Angelov DimitrovMartin Angelov DimitrovDanny’s Trainer
Shubham DongareShubham DongareBittu
Ramzy El HuraibyRamzy El HuraibyJohn’s Bodyguard
Simon EllisSimon EllisBodyguard to Draka and Thabeel
Scarlet FawnScarlet FawnBookie
Shataf FigarShataf Figar  
Sougata GhoshSougata Ghosh  
Joshua GillJoshua GillFight Announcer Josh
Vaibhav GohilVaibhav Gohil  
Al GrovesAl GrovesDanny Manager
Marcus HarringtonMarcus HarringtonBookkeeper (credit only)
Rob HorrocksRob HorrocksBodyguard to Draka and Thabeel
Shah HussainShah HussainFight referee
Paul JacksonPaul JacksonSilver City Security
Diya JanduDiya JanduRing Spectator Begger
Esha JassEsha Jass  
Pradum JaykarPradum Jaykar  
Aivar JefremovAivar JefremovArab sheikh
Amit JhaAmit JhaRaju
Hernak Singh JohalHernak Singh JohalVIP / Photographer / Silver City Guard
Gaurav KandoiGaurav KandoiBusiness tycoon and Beggar
Monika KapoorMonika KapoorFight Spectator
Bolaji 'BJ Kenny' KehindeBolaji ‘BJ Kenny’ KehindeSilver city guard
Jameel KhanJameel Khan  
Sharik KhanSharik KhanJassi’s friend
Armaan KheraArmaan KheraDraka
Jay KiyaniJay KiyaniBookie
Kenny KnightKenny KnightWolf
Waiku LamWaiku LamThornado
Jess LiaudinJess LiaudinTabahi
Michael LincolnMichael LincolnJudge
Claúdia MachadoClaúdia MachadoRing Girl (as Claudia Machado)
Nayaab MahomedNayaab Mahomed  
Miroslav MarinovMiroslav MarinovCutman
Raid MatwiRaid MatwiFighter
Philip MawdsleyPhilip MawdsleyCutman
Ishika MehraIshika MehraVIP sitting with John
Ishika MehraIshika MehraVIP sitting with John
Faisal MohammedFaisal MohammedFighter
Loris MonetLoris MonetGuddu’s Trainer
Mohd MonishMohd Monish  
Mansi MultaniMansi Multani  
Ravi MultaniRavi MultaniFight Spectator And Fighter’s Team Member
Redd NicholsonRedd Nicholson(as Redd)
Aaron-Jon NorthAaron-Jon NorthThe International Association Referee
Marc OutbreakMarc OutbreakCutman Jones
Jayshree PanchalJayshree PanchalViP Fight Spectator
Roshni PankhaniaRoshni PankhaniaAudience
Stathis PapadopoulosStathis PapadopoulosSilver City Guard
Hiten PatelHiten Patel  
Rajendrakumar PatelRajendrakumar PatelTo be Confirmed
Scott ReesScott ReesFighters Coach
Alexandre D. RoqueAlexandre D. RoqueAssistant Trainer
Iana SaliukIana SaliukRing Girl
Govinda SandhuGovinda SandhuMMA Cobra Team Leader
Rahul SanjayRahul SanjayPerson in Restaurant
Eve-Yasmine Saoud-EastonEve-Yasmine Saoud-EastonSue – John’s Wife
Ashufta SayedAshufta Sayed  
Mark SearsMark SearsCutman
Emilija SenavaityteEmilija Senavaityte  
Shane SeniorShane SeniorCutman
Aarash ShahAarash ShahJohn Bodyguard
Atul SharmaAtul Sharma  
Umar ShiekhUmar Shiekh  
SikandarSikandarAirport Security (as Sikander Hussain)
Elena SkryabinaElena SkryabinaFight Spectator
Ian StreetzIan StreetzIron Fist
Darren SwainDarren SwainMax
Justin SysumJustin SysumBig Gun
Robbie TaylorRobbie TaylorDanny’s Trainer
Sam ThackwellSam Thackwell  
Robert Cristian TrifRobert Cristian TrifFights Spectator
Guillaume TrounsonGuillaume TrounsonBig Guy Friend
Ewen WeatherburnEwen WeatherburnJohn’s Bodyguard
Jon Xue ZhangJon Xue ZhangRestaurant Manager
Karim ZabalaKarim ZabalaSilver City Guard
Clara ZorodduClara ZorodduRing Spectator Begger
Cain AidenCain AidenVIP Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Tatjana AndersTatjana AndersValet girl (uncredited)
Sam CullingworthSam CullingworthDraka & Thabeel Bodyguard (uncredited)
Daniel EghanDaniel EghanVIP Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Anastasia EgoAnastasia EgoRing Girl (uncredited)
Paul FairliePaul FairlieSilver City Guard (uncredited)
Lati GbajaLati GbajaCrowd Fight (uncredited)
Veronica MalkaVeronica MalkaRing Girl (uncredited)
Bizhan NeromandBizhan NeromandBookkeeper (uncredited)
Mark RainsburyMark RainsburyClose Protection Officer (uncredited)
Toby RobertsToby RobertsFight Spectator (uncredited)
James RocksJames RocksVIP / Audience Member / Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Anil SanchaniaAnil SanchaniaFight Spectator (uncredited)
Christine SullivanChristine SullivanNoble Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Tara SumnerTara SumnerDanny’s team (uncredited)

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