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Bloody Daddy (2023) Movie Plot:

In a really big city, there’s a place named Gurugram. Gurugram is busy with lots of cars, buses, and people walking around. In this city, there’s a man. His name is Sumair Azad. Sumair has an important job. He works for a place called NCB. What does NCB do? Well, they try to stop bad people from selling things called drugs. Drugs can hurt people, so Sumair’s job is very important.

One day, while Sumair was working, he saw some people doing something wrong. They were selling drugs. Sumair, being good at his job, quickly stopped them. But, this made one person very, very angry. This person was not just anyone. He was Sikandar. Sikandar is a big boss of people who sell drugs. He was not happy with Sumair at all.

Now, Sumair has a family. In his family, he has a son. His son’s name is Atharva. Atharva is very special to Sumair. Sikandar, because he was so angry, did a bad thing. He took Atharva away from Sumair. Can you imagine how sad and scared Sumair felt? It was like when you can’t find your favorite toy, but much, much worse.

Sikandar told Sumair that if he wanted to see Atharva again, he had to do something. Sumair had to bring him a bag. But not just any bag. This bag had drugs inside. And guess where this bag was? It was in Sumair’s own office, the NCB. Sikandar wanted Sumair to take it and give it to him. This was a big problem for Sumair.

Now, remember, Sumair had a helper. Her name was Aditi Rawat. Aditi was like a friend who worked with Sumair. But she started to watch Sumair very closely. She felt something was not right. She thought maybe Sumair was doing something wrong. So, when the bag with drugs disappeared, she became even more suspicious. She kept her eyes on Sumair even more.

Sumair was in a very tough place. The bag was gone. So, he thought of a plan. He took another bag and filled it with flour. Flour is what we use to make bread or cakes. He thought maybe he could trick Sikandar with this bag. But Sikandar is not easy to trick. He found out that Sumair was trying to fool him. This made Sikandar chase Sumair. Now, Sumair was running from Sikandar and being watched by Aditi. It was a very hard time for him.

After some time, Sumair decided he needed to tell Aditi everything. He had a big secret. He was trying to find out if there were bad people in their own office, the NCB. He thought that some of them, like Aditi’s boss (his name was Sameer Singh) and another man named Jaggi, were doing bad things. They might be helping Sikandar.

Lots of things started happening very fast. Sikandar got caught by the police. Everyone thought everything was fine now. But there was one more surprise. Atharva, Sumair’s son, found out something about his dad. This secret was big. It made people think and wonder. Was Sumair really a hero? Or did he have some secrets too?

                                       ⭐IMDB Rating: 6.7/10⭐


Cast & Crew



Shahid KapoorShahid KapoorSumair Azad
Diana PentyDiana PentyAditi Rawat
Ronit RoyRonit RoySikandar Chowdhary
Chandu KanuriChandu KanuriVillian
Sanjay KapoorSanjay KapoorHameed Shaikh
Amy AelaAmy AelaAisha
Ankur BhatiaAnkur BhatiaVikram Chowdhary (Vicky)
Sarah AnjuliSarah AnjuliIssa Vibe female lead
Mario SilvaMario SilvaHead of Security
Rajeev KhandelwalRajeev KhandelwalSameer Singh
Suparna MoitraSuparna MoitraRiya
Vivan BhatenaVivan BhatenaDharmesh Chowdhary (Danny)
Zeishan QuadriZeishan QuadriJagdish Prasad (Jaggi)
Mukesh S. BhattMukesh S. BhattRafique Shaikh (Rafa)
SyedsiddiqiSyedsiddiqiSenior Bartender
Sartaaj KakkarSartaaj KakkarAtharv Azad
Vikram MehraVikram MehraBunty
Veto SwarnVeto SwarnMorris
Arjun RamanArjun RamanPositive Indian Guy
Alex RajanAlex RajanMohit
Hitesh SukhnaniHitesh SukhnaniDJ
Nakul Nirmal PandeyNakul Nirmal PandeyTony

Produced by 

Gaurav Boseproducer
Jyoti Deshpandeproducer
Sunir Kheterpalproducer
Himanshu Kishan Mehraproducer
Shwetha Pillayline producer
Manmeet Singhco-producer
Navmeet Singhline producer
Rohini Singhco-producer
Sunpreet Singhline producer
Ali Abbas Zafarproducer

Music by 

Aditya Dev 
Anuj Garg 
Julius Packiam 

Cinematography by 

Marcin Laskawiec 

Editing by 

Steven H. Bernard 

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