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Beast (2022) Movie Plot:

“Beast” is a movie made in 2022. It’s a fun action movie that was made in the Tamil language. A man named Nelson Dilipkumar directed it. The main characters in this film are played by Vijay, Pooja Hegde, and Selvaraghavan. The story is about a man who used to work for the RAW agency and now wants to save people trapped in a mall because of bad guys, called terrorists.

Originally, a person named AR Murugadoss was supposed to direct the movie for a company called Sun Pictures. But because of money problems, Nelson took over the job. Nelson then wrote a new story for the film and named it “Beast”. They made the movie in many places, including cities called Chennai, Delhi, and a country called Georgia, from April to December in 2021. Some people helped make the movie look and sound good: Anirudh Ravichander made the music, Manoj Paramahamsa worked on how the movie looked, and edited by R. Nirmal.

When “Beast” came out in cinemas on 13 April 2022, some people liked it and some didn’t. But a lot of people watched it, and the movie earned a lot of money – somewhere between ‚āĻ210-250 crore all around the world.

The movie is about a man named Veera Raghavan. He worked in Pakistan for an agency called RAW. His job was to catch a bad guy named Umar Farooq. While trying to catch him, Veera accidentally fires a missile, and it hurts a child who dies. This makes Veera very sad, and he decides to quit his job and move to Chennai.

In Chennai, Veera is very troubled by what happened in Pakistan. But things change a bit when he goes to a wedding and meets a woman named Preethi. They become friends, and she asks him to work with her in a company that provides security.

Bad things happen again when terrorists, led by Umar’s own brother, take many people hostage in a place called East Coast Mall in Chennai. Veera, Preethi, and some others get stuck inside too. The government talks to the terrorists to try and save the people. The terrorists want Umar to be set free. During all this, Veera tries to use his old skills to save everyone. But things get more complicated when it’s found out that a big leader called the Home Minister is helping the terrorists.

After many fights and struggles, Veera manages to save the people inside the mall. He also finds out about the bad things the Home Minister did and makes sure he is caught. There’s a big surprise in the end: even though the bad guy Umar is set free by the government, Veera goes after him and catches him again after a big chase. At the end of the movie, Veera, Preethi, and their friends are happy and celebrate in a place called Goa.


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Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete 

Liyabuya GongoLiyabuya GongoCut Offs
Martin MunroMartin MunroKees
Daniel HadebeDaniel HadebeAbduya
Thapelo SebogodiThapelo SebogodiCamo
Chris LangaChris LangaSpecs
Mduduzi MavimbelaMduduzi MavimbelaPoacher Mizozi
Chris GxalabaChris GxalabaChipo
Idris ElbaIdris ElbaDr. Nate Samuels
Kazi KhuboniKazi KhuboniPilot
Leah JeffriesLeah JeffriesNorah Samuels
Iyana HalleyIyana HalleyMeredith Samuels
Sharlto CopleySharlto CopleyMartin Battles
Tafara NyatsanzaTafara NyatsanzaBanji
Ronald MkwanaziRonald MkwanaziMutende
Naledi MogadimeNaledi MogadimeAmahle
Thabo RametsiThabo RametsiJersey

Produced by 

Bernard Bellewexecutive producer
Shayla Cowanassociate producer
Baltasar Korm√°kurproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
James Lopezproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Will Packerproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Jaime Primak Sullivanexecutive producer
Janine van Assenline producer

Music by 

Steven Price 

Cinematography by 

Philippe Rousselot 

Editing by 

Jay Rabinowitz

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