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Extraction II (2023) Movie Plot:

“Extraction II” is a follow-up to the 2020 hit movie, “Extraction.” In this new film, we get to see Chris Hemsworth again, playing the role of Tyler Rake. The man behind the direction is Sam Hargrave, and the story is penned by Joe Russo. The storyline was inspired by a comic book named “Ciudad.” Among the cast, familiar faces like Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa make a return. Additionally, there are fresh faces in the movie, such as Idris Elba and Olga Kurylenko.

This movie mainly revolves around Tyler Rake’s mission. His goal? To save the family of a notorious man locked up in a Georgia prison. This mission is not just a job for Tyler; it’s deeply personal. When the first “Extraction” movie became super popular, Netflix quickly gave the green light for this sequel in May 2020. The makers of the film even had big dreams of expanding this story further into more movies. But there were challenges. Due to a worldwide health crisis, the location of the movie shooting had to be shifted from Sydney. The crew then moved to Prague and wrapped up in Vienna.

On June 16, 2023, “Extraction II” was released on Netflix. It got a thumbs-up from a lot of viewers.

Story in Detail:

About a year has passed since Tyler’s dangerous assignment in Dhaka. We find him in Austria, living in seclusion. But he’s soon pulled back into action. His mission? To rescue the sister of his ex-wife, Mia. Her name is Ketevan, and she’s in trouble along with her children. The reason they’re in danger is due to the criminal activities of Ketevan’s husband.

The main villain in the story is Davit Radiani. He’s a big criminal from Georgia, and he’s made sure his family is kept in the same prison as him. Tyler doesn’t embark on this rescue mission alone. He gathers some of his old mates to help out. As the plot unfolds, a twist emerges. Radiani’s son has great admiration for his father, and this causes some big problems. The climax builds up with intense action scenes in Vienna, culminating in a fierce showdown inside a church.

The aftermath of this mission sees Tyler being captured and imprisoned. However, a new opportunity arises. He could regain his freedom, but it comes with a catch: he must take on another high-risk job.

The heart of the movie is about sacrifice and determination. It portrays the lengths an individual might travel to protect and save their loved ones.

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Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Chris HemsworthChris HemsworthTyler Rake
Golshifteh FarahaniGolshifteh FarahaniNik Khan
Adam BessaAdam BessaYaz Khan
Tornike GogrichianiTornike GogrichianiZurab Radiani / Nikoloz Radiani
Demetre KavelashviliDemetre KavelashviliZurab Radiani (12 years old)
Tornike BziavaTornike BziavaDavit Radiani
Giga ShavadzeGiga ShavadzeDavit Radiani (9 years old)
Tinatin DalakishviliTinatin DalakishviliKetevan Radiani
Andro JaparidzeAndro JaparidzeSandro Radiani
Mariami KovziashviliMariami KovziashviliNina Radiani
Marta KovziashviliMarta KovziashviliNina Radiani
Dato BakhtadzeDato BakhtadzeAvtandil
Davit ChogovadzeDavit ChogovadzeAvtandil (20 years old)
Daniel BernhardtDaniel BernhardtKonstantine
Irakli KvirikadzeIrakli KvirikadzeIvayne
Levan SaginashviliLevan SaginashviliVakhtang
Megan AndersonMegan AndersonAKA
George LashaGeorge LashaSergo
Paul A MaynardPaul A MaynardMerc Emergency Doctor (as Paul Maynard)
Patrick NewallPatrick NewallSeb
Hector AndreuHector AndreuPetrusko
Tite KomakhidzeTite KomakhidzePortly Guard
Roman GventsadzeRoman GventsadzeNagazi Gang Member #1 (as Romani Gventsadze)
Lasha RamishviliLasha RamishviliNagazi Gang Member #2
Isabela Martina Cinov√°Isabela Martina Cinov√°Dhaka River Girl
Craig 'Chili' PalmerCraig ‘Chili’ PalmerDhaka Merc Van Driver
Ahmad AlhadiAhmad AlhadiDubai Doctor
Jenn KirkJenn KirkDubai Nurse
Josefina Voverkov√°Josefina Voverkov√°Dubai Therapist
Julia Lor√ľnserJulia Lor√ľnser9 News Anchor
Tako TabatadzeTako TabatadzeMariam Radiani
Dachi OrvelashviliDachi OrvelashviliArmenian Teen #1
Rafael BughdaryanRafael BughdaryanArmenian Teen #2
Andria KurdadzeAndria KurdadzeArmenian Teen #3
Andria PirtakhiaAndria PirtakhiaArmenian Teen #4
Vano DugladzeVano DugladzeKutaisi Mayor
Vic BagratuniVic BagratuniPolice Chopper Pilot
Sos PetrosyanSos PetrosyanPolice Chopper Pilot #2
Travis GomezTravis GomezDito
RJ CaseyRJ CaseyExtraction Team Leader
Yosuel GarciaYosuel GarciaExtraction Team Medic
Dave JohnsonDave JohnsonRescue Medic
Tim AndersTim AndersRescue Medic
Matt LaBordeMatt LaBordeMikheil
Paata KvlividzePaata KvlividzeGate Guard
Giorgi ShavgulidzeGiorgi ShavgulidzeYoung Guard
Martin JanousekMartin JanousekYoung Bald Boy¬†/¬†Rake’s Son
Dustin Stern-GarciaDustin Stern-GarciaArdo
Shahaub RoudbariShahaub RoudbariSaba
Justin HowellJustin HowellGio
Rayna CampbellRayna CampbellRuthie
Justin SvobodaJustin SvobodaVienna Cop
Hristo DimitrovHristo DimitrovBeso
Jan BrichcinJan BrichcinVasil (as Jan Brichcín)
Matous BrichcinMatous BrichcinAsher (as Matous Brichcín)
Shalva KhidesheliShalva KhidesheliGeorgian Soldier
Steven A. DavisSteven A. DavisPolice Commander (as Steven Davis)
Jordan Le GoueffJordan Le GoueffNikoloz Radiani
Luke DavisLuke DavisGeorgian Mafia Lieutenant
Beka KovziashviliBeka KovziashviliChanting Monk #1
Olexandr KopytkoOlexandr KopytkoChanting Monk #2
Jaba GegeshidzeJaba GegeshidzeChanting Monk #3
Sam HargraveSam HargraveDitch Digger
Idris ElbaIdris ElbaAlcott
Olga KurylenkoOlga KurylenkoMia
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Filip FinkelstejnFilip FinkelstejnMeathead 2 (uncredited)
Armen GreygArmen GreygArmenian Mafioso (uncredited)
Alex MontyroAlex MontyroKutaisi Politician (uncredited)
Sinead PhelpsSinead PhelpsKutaisi Staff (uncredited)
Sebastien SisakSebastien SisakArmenian Mafioso (uncredited)
Anouar H. SmaineAnouar H. SmaineFrantz (uncredited)
Anthony J. VorhiesAnthony J. VorhiesRazmic Kavaty (uncredited)

Produced by 

Jake Austexecutive producer
Ari Costaco-producer
Eric Gitterproducer (produced by)
Benjamin Graysonexecutive producer
Sam Hargraveproducer (produced by)
Chris Hemsworthproducer (produced by)
Benoit Jaubertline producer: international (as Beno√ģt Jaubert)
Murtaza Kathawalaassociate producer
Mike Laroccaproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Shelby Maloneco-producer
Christopher Markusexecutive producer
Stephen McFeelyexecutive producer
David Minkowskico-producer
Patrick Newallproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Wolfgang Rammlline producer: Vienna (as Dr. Wolfgang Ramml)
Anthony Russoproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Joe Russoproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Angela Russo-Otstotproducer (produced by)
Pranav Sahniline producer: India
Pravesh Sahniline producer: India
Michael Salvenco-producer
Steven V. Scavelliexecutive producer (as Steven Scavelli)
Peter Schwerinproducer (produced by)
Matthew Stillmanco-producer
Mark Taylorline producer: additional photography
Ludek Vomackaline producer (as Ludek Vom√°cka) / line producer
Anthony J. Vorhiesco-producer

Music by 

Alex Belcher(music by)
Henry Jackman(music by)

Cinematography by 

Greg Baldidirector of photography

Editing by 

William Hoy 
Alex Rodríguez 

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