The Dark Knight 2008 Hindi HD

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The Dark Knight 2008: Sequel to Trilogy Series of Batman

The stakes in Batman’s fight against crime are raised. Batman sets out to destroy the last criminal groups that terrorise the streets with the assistance of District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lt. Jim Gordon. The alliance works well, but before long they are victims of a developing criminal syndicate headed by a man the scared residents of Gotham know only as the Joker.

The Dark Knight 2008 Hindi HD – Release Date

In the US, The Dark Knight was released on July 18, 2008. It is regarded as one of the best superhero films ever produced.
Director of The Dark Knight 2008 Hindi HD

Christopher Nolan, the director, and Christian Bale reunited after Batman Begins’s unprecedented triumph! This time, Aaron Eckhart plays Harvey Dent in a brand-new Dark Knight adventure, and Heath Ledger returns to the cast as The Joker.Batman sets out to permanently eradicate organized crime in Gotham City with the aid of new district attorney Harvey Dent (Eckhart—Thank You for Smoking) and Lieutenant Jim Gordan (Gary Oldman). The trio experiences early success, but soon falls victim to The Joker (Ledger—Brokeback Mountain), a rising criminal mastermind who plunges Gotham into chaos and pushes Batman ever closer to the brink of becoming a vigilante rather than a hero.

The Dark Knight 2008 Hindi HD – Story

Adapted from a screenplay he co-wrote with his brother Jonathan, Christopher Nolan directed the 2008 superhero movie The Dark Knight. It is the second part of The Dark Knight trilogy and the follow-up to Batman Begins (2005), the superhero from DC Comics. The story revolves around the vigilante Batman, district attorney Harvey Dent, and police lieutenant James Gordon as they team together to take down organized crime in Gotham City. They are stymied by The Joker, an anarchist genius who wants to see how far Batman will go to save the city. The ensemble cast includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman.

The Dark Knight 2008 Hindi HD – Review

The Joker, the villain who stands out among the other villains pitted against Batman as the leader of an abominable group of wiseguys, is the subject of Christopher Nolan’s retelling of the Batman story in The Dark Knight, which continues his reinvention of the superhero mythology. Christian Bale portrays the caped crusader once more, scuttling around in a sort of titanium-lite exoskeleton and wielding a powerful Bat mobile that is so macho and military-looking that it makes a Humvee appear like the kind of Prius driven by Gok Wan. Otherwise, his cape flutters in the slipstream as he bops around town on a vicious motorbike with wheels the size of rubber pebbles.
The late Heath Ledger gave a fantastic portrayal of The Joker. Even though his rouge has made him look even more handsome, his great grin is caused by two horrible slash-scars to the corners of his mouth, and his white face makeup is constantly flaking off, perhaps from dried tears. He looks like a self-loathing criminal Pagliaccio, perspiring backstage after the most recent terrible spectacular. Ledger has an odd assortment of kinks, oddities, and tics. His tongue swims around his mouth like a lizard, evoking images of Frankie Howerd or even the prancing gourmet of 1970s television.

The Dark Knight 2008 Hindi HD – Critic Views

Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, The Dark Knight, is a suspenseful, never-to-be-forgotten thrill journey from beginning to end.

This movie features some of the best acting performances around. Unquestionably one of the most compelling, unsettling, and legendary villain performances in movie history is Heath Ledgers’ famed portrayal of the Joker. Thanks in part to the enormous strength of the ensemble, all the other major characters in the movie—especially Batman, Harvey Dent, and Commissioner Gordon—acted exceptionally effectively.

This movie features amazing action and stunt work. There aren’t many films that have ever kept me as tense during chase and combat scenes as this one. This can be attributed to several factors. Christopher Nolan worked very hard on the actions in this movie. Every heart-stopping explosion and nail-biting car chase gives you the impression that you are there, living everything alongside the protagonists in real-time. Without a sure, the soundtrack is among the best I have ever heard in a movie. Here, the legendary film composer Hans Zimmer demonstrates his mastery of the medium once more, producing an intensely thrilling and epic musical score that enhances the action tenfold.


Q.1:What is an interesting fact about The Dark Knight?

Ans: Heath Ledger was the first choice to play The Joker.

Q.2: What was the inspiration for The Dark Knight?

Ans: In writing the screenplay, the Nolans were influenced by 1980s Batman comics and crime drama films, and sought to continue Batman Begins’ heightened sense of realism.

Q.3: What is the theme of The Dark Knight?

Ans: The most important theme that pervaded through the film was perception. The persona of Batman, at least in this trilogy, is based on fear. Criminals think of him as something almost mythical. He is a symbol of dread for them, an avenger prowling the rooftops at night to hunt them.

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