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Son of God (2014) Movie Plot:

The 2014 movie “Son of God” is like a detailed picture of the life of Jesus Christ. This film is based on parts taken from a famous TV show named “The Bible” which people saw in 2013. Christopher Spencer directed the movie, and Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, both well-known people, produced it. This movie talks about the main events from when Jesus was born to when he came back to life. After this movie, there was another show called “A.D. The Bible Continues.”

The movie was first shown in two big cities, New York and Los Angeles, on February 21, 2014. A week after that, more people in other places could watch it. People who follow the Christian religion liked the movie a lot. But, some people who review movies for a job said the movie was slow. Even so, the movie made a lot of money. They spent $22 million to make it and then earned $70 million from people watching it. This movie is special because it was the first movie about the Christian religion that 20th Century Fox showed.

The story is told by John, who was a very close friend of Jesus. John is now old and lives alone near the sea. He talks about the time he spent with Jesus.

In a place called Bethlehem, when Jesus was born, some people said he would be a very important king in the future. As Jesus became older, more people started to follow him. People like James, Peter, Matthew, and Mary Magdalene became his close friends because of the special things he taught and did. Jesus said that he was God’s own son.

Jesus became very popular, and this made some religious leaders called Pharisees angry. They said Jesus was saying bad things about God. Things got more tense when Jesus went to Jerusalem. There, he saw people buying and selling things in a holy place and got angry. He threw away their things. Because of this and other reasons, the Pharisees thought Jesus was dangerous, especially with the Romans in charge of the city.

One of Jesus’s close friends, Judas, thought Jesus was doing too much. So, he told the Pharisees where Jesus was for some silver coins. The Pharisees caught Jesus at night, which was not the right way to do it. They asked him if he was God’s son, and when he said yes, they decided he should die.

A Roman leader named Pilate said that Jesus didn’t break their laws. But, he gave people a choice: to free Jesus or a bad man named Barabbas. The Pharisees made the crowd pick Barabbas. So, Pilate said Jesus should be killed by putting him on a big wooden cross. After some time, Jesus died. When this happened, there was a big earthquake and other strange things in the holy place.

Three days after they put Jesus in a grave, Mary Magdalene saw that his grave was empty. Then, she saw Jesus, who was alive again. Jesus met his close friends and told them to tell everyone about his teachings. After 40 days, he went up to heaven.

Old John tells how most of Jesus’s close friends were killed because they believed in him. But he was left alive. In the end, he sees Jesus, who tells him that he will live forever and that Jesus will come back one day.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ‚≠źIMDB Rating: 5.7/10‚≠ź


Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Diogo MorgadoDiogo MorgadoJesus
Greg HicksGreg HicksPilate
Adrian SchillerAdrian SchillerCaiaphas
Darwin ShawDarwin ShawPeter
Sebastian KnappSebastian KnappJohn
Joe WreddenJoe WreddenJudas
Simon KunzSimon KunzNicodemus
Paul Marc DavisPaul Marc DavisSimon the Pharisee
Matthew GravelleMatthew GravelleThomas
Amber Rose RevahAmber Rose RevahMary Magdalene
Roma DowneyRoma DowneyMary, Mother of Jesus
Paul KnopsPaul KnopsAdam
Darcie RoseDarcie RoseEve (as Darcie)
David RintoulDavid RintoulNoah
Gary OliverGary OliverAbraham
William HoustonWilliam HoustonMoses
Stewart ScudamoreStewart ScudamoreRamesses
Nonso AnozieNonso AnozieSamson
Conan StevensConan StevensGoliath
Jassa AhluwaliaJassa AhluwaliaYoung David
Langley KirkwoodLangley KirkwoodKing David
Patrice NaiambanaPatrice NaiambanaBalthazar
Joe CoenJoe CoenJoseph
Leila MimmackLeila MimmackYoung Mary
Andrew BrookeAndrew BrookeAntonius
Louise DelamereLouise DelamereClaudia
Rick BaconRick BaconHerod Antipas
Fraser AyresFraser AyresBarabbas
Said BeySaid BeyMatthew
Paul BrightwellPaul BrightwellMalchus
Sana MouzianeSana MouzianeMartha (as Sanaa Mouziane)
Anas CheninAnas CheninLazarus
Daniel PercivalDaniel PercivalJohn the Baptist
Noureddine AberdineNoureddine AberdineJoseph of Arimathea
Idrissa SiscoIdrissa SiscoSimon of Cyrene
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Hami BelalHami BelalCriminal #1 (uncredited)
Joseph OliveiraJoseph OliveiraSoldier (uncredited)

Produced by 

Khadija Alamiassociate producer
Richard Bedserproducer
Bob Beltzassistant producer (as Dr. Bob Beltz)
Mark Burnettproducer
Roma Downeyproducer
Eamon Fitzpatrickline producer
Annie Macneeco-producer
Alexander Marengoco-producer
Randy Sollenbergerassociate producer
Mishy Turnerassociate producer
Eduardo Ver√°steguiexecutive producer: spanish version
Michael Waterhouseproducer: additional scenes
Charlotte Wheatonassociate producer

Music by 

Lorne Balfe 
Hans Zimmer 

Cinematography by 

Rob Goldiedirector of photography

Editing by 

Robert Hall(as Rob Hall)

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