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Hidden Strike (2023) Movie Plot:

“Hidden Strike,” also known as “Project X-Traction” in some places, is a movie filled with action and adventure. It came out in 2023 and was directed and edited by Scott Waugh. The story was written by Arash Amel. Some famous actors like Jackie Chan, John Cena, Ma Chunrui, and Pilou Asbaek star in the film.

The movie first came to theaters on July 6, 2023, in the United Arab Emirates and some other countries. Then, it was released on July 28 in the United States and all around the world on Netflix. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t get good reviews from the people who critique films.

The story starts with an attack on an oil factory in Iraq. This factory belongs to a Chinese company called Unicorp. The ones behind the attack are a group of soldiers led by a man named Owen Paddock. To counter this, a former soldier named “Dragon” Luo Feng, who used to be in special forces, takes charge of a team that works in private security. They rescue the regular workers by taking them through a dangerous path known as the Highway of Death. Their goal is to get them to a safe area called the Green Zone.

At the same time, a man named Chris Van Horne used to be in the US Marines. He reluctantly teams up with his brother, Henry, who works as a soldier for hire. Their plan is to target the group of vehicles that Luo Feng is protecting. Henry says they’re doing this because they want revenge on someone who attacked them a while ago. To pull off their attack, they use a huge sandstorm to hide their actions. Even though Luo Feng’s team successfully fights them off and the sandstorm clears, they find out that Owen’s group has kidnapped five civilians. One of these people is Professor Chang, who has important codes needed for the oil factory.

Chris confronts Owen and Henry about the kidnapping. Owen admits that he wants to restart the factory and make money from selling oil. After a big argument, Chris leaves, and Owen ends up shooting Henry because he didn’t manage to kill Luo Feng.

Luo Feng eventually finds Chris and talks to him. He learns that Chris is only doing this job to get money to help the kids in his village. While Owen pressures Professor Chang into helping him, his group tries to find her bag, which has the important codes. However, Chris had taken the bag by accident, and he gives it up to protect his village.

Chris and Luo Feng decide to team up to stop Owen’s plans. They fight against Owen’s soldiers and manage to foil his schemes. In the end, Owen dies during a chase in cars. Afterward, Luo Feng and his team catch the person behind the whole plan to steal oil. Chris successfully fixes a well in his village and agrees to go on another mission with Luo Feng.


                                            ⭐IMDB Rating: 5.3/10⭐


Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order)

Jackie ChanJackie ChanDragon Luo
John CenaJohn CenaChris
Chunrui MaChunrui MaMei
Wenli JiangWenli JiangProfessor Cheng
Jia XuJia XuShen Wei
Jun GongJun GongHai Ming
Rima ZeidanRima ZeidanLi Yan (as Ruima Xidan)
Minghao HouMinghao HouAssistant Ning (as Neo Hou)
Pilou AsbækPilou AsbækPaddock (as Pilou Asbaek)
Amadeus SerafiniAmadeus SerafiniHenry
Hany AdelHany AdelCaptain Azir
Ernest 'Sunny' MansonErnest ‘Sunny’ MansonMorgan / Herry’s Team (as Ernest Manson ‘Sunny’)
Tim ManTim ManKnox
Rachael HolowayRachael HolowayHerry’s Team / Extra
Kevin TaKevin TaHerry’s Team / Extra (as a different name)
Lee HuangLee HuangHerry’s Team / Extra (as Konstantin Widjaja ‘Lee Huang’)
Paul AndreovskiPaul AndreovskiHerry’s Team / Extra
Marvin BouvetMarvin BouvetHerry’s Team / Extra (as Marvin Didier Fabrice Bouvet)
Isaac FernandezIsaac FernandezPaddock’s Team / Extra (as Vicente Isaac Fernandez)
Bassem KhayatiBassem KhayatiPaddock’s Team / Extra
Temur MamisashviliTemur MamisashviliPaddock’s Team / Extra
Diego DatiDiego DatiPaddock’s Team / Extra
Tazito GarciaTazito GarciaPaddock’s Team / Extra (as Taz Garcia) (as Taz Alessandro Garcia)
Jingke ChenJingke ChenMovie Detachment Crew (as Jingke Chen ‘Lyu Yu’)
Zhenwei WangZhenwei WangMovie Detachment Crew
Chao GaoChao GaoMovie Detachment Crew
Zhiqian ChaoZhiqian ChaoMovie Detachment Crew
Qu Hao MingQu Hao MingMovie Detachment Crew (as Qu Haoming)
Xiaolin JiangXiaolin JiangMovie Detachment Crew
Ren XiaonanRen XiaonanMovie Detachment Crew
Fei LiFei LiMovie Detachment Crew
Yan WenjunYan WenjunReporter
Max HuangMax HuangChinese Nationality Contract Labor (as Youliang Max Hang)
Pierre ScotPierre ScotFrench Mercenary (as Pierce Scot)
Shan LongShan LongFrench Mercenary
Wan YiWan YiFrench Mercenary
A.C StokesA.C StokesHobbs / Extra (as Andrew Stokes) (as Andrew Charles Stokes)
Laila Ezz El ArabLaila Ezz El ArabSoraya (as Laila Ezzelarab)
MohammedMohammedAnti-Government Force Chief
Sayed MonhammedSayed MonhammedOld Man in Village / Extra (as Sayed Mohammed)
Jean LouisJean LouisJalaal
YongGang LiuYongGang LiuHostage (as Yonggang Liu)
Xu WeiXu WeiQi Xing (as Wei Xiaohan ‘Wei Xu’)
Hongyu GuHongyu GuTeam Actor
Xiaotong YinXiaotong YinTeam Actor
Botao WangBotao WangTeam Actor
Yin XiaodiYin XiaodiTeam Actor
Feng ZhangFeng ZhangTeam Actor
Wu BiheWu BiheTeam Actor
Zhao JiangZhao JiangTeam Actor
Yuzhen ChenYuzhen ChenTeam Actor
Jin WeiJin WeiTeam Actor
Attia EssamAttia EssamSwaj Village / Extra (as Essam Elmahdi Ramadan Attia)
Ahmed MoustafaAhmed MoustafaSwaj Village / Extra (as Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim Moustafa Elnaggar)
Soliman IbrahimSoliman IbrahimSwaj Village / Extra (as Soliman Hassan Ali Ibrahim)
Fawzy AliFawzy AliSwaj Village / Extra (as Fawzy Hassan Hussein Ali)
Rabie IbrahimRabie IbrahimSwaj Village / Extra (as Rabie Adly Abdelsamie Ibrahim)
Fathy AbdelgalilFathy AbdelgalilSwaj Village / Extra (as Fathy Sayed Mohamed Abdelgalil)
Sabri SaadaSabri SaadaSwaj Village / Extra (as Sabri Mohamed Elsayed Saada)
Aamal HassamAamal HassamSwaj Village / Extra (as Aamal Zakaria Mahmoud Hassan)
Sohir FaragSohir FaragSwaj Village / Extra (as Sohir Amin Elsayed Farag)
Ibrahim MohamedIbrahim MohamedSwaj Village / Extra (as Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim)
Hassaan SolimanHassaan SolimanSwaj Village / Extra (as Hassaan Mohamed Ali Soliman)
Karim HassanKarim HassanSwaj Village / Extra (as Karim Hussein Salem Hassan)
Hamdy AbdelgalilHamdy AbdelgalilSwaj Village / Extra (as Hamdy Farag Mohamed Abdelgalil)
Gamal SelimGamal SelimSwaj Village / Extra (as Gamal Elsayed Taha Ibrahim Selim)
Ahmed SelimAhmed SelimSwaj Village / Extra (as Ahmed Esmail Abdelmegid Selim)
Elsayed ElmossallamElsayed ElmossallamSwaj Village / Extra (as Elsayed Ahmed Ibrahim Elmossallami)
Rawia ElbakriRawia ElbakriSwaj Village / Extra (as Rawia Mohamed Omar Mohamed Elbakri)
Mona FaragMona FaragSwaj Village / Extra (as Mona Amin Elsayed Farag)
Abdalla EmaraAbdalla EmaraSwaj Village / Extra (as Abdalla Mahmoud Abdou Emara)
Nermin ElmasryNermin ElmasryExtra Leader / Translator / Extra (as Nermin Tawfik Shalaby Mohamed Elmasry)
Yue ZhangYue ZhangExtra Leader / Translator
Quanzhen FangQuanzhen FangExtra Leader / Translator
Ying LiYing LiExtra Leader / Translator
Cong LiCong LiExtra Leader / Translator
Mengmeng XiaoMengmeng XiaoExtra Leader / Translator
Shuangtai WangShuangtai WangExtra Leader / Translator
Feilong ZhouFeilong ZhouExtra Leader / Translator
Changlong LiuChanglong LiuExtra Leader / Translator
Wenbo GuoWenbo GuoExtra Leader / Translator
Bo HuangBo HuangExtra Leader / Translator
Yan DongYan DongExtra Leader / Translator
Yihao ZhangYihao ZhangExtra Leader / Translator
Xiguang ShenXiguang ShenExtra Leader / Translator
Yanpeng PanYanpeng PanExtra Leader / Translator
Shixue ZhaoShixue ZhaoExtra Leader / Translator
Yibo SunYibo SunExtra Leader / Translator
Anbang LiAnbang LiExtra Leader / Translator
Jiuxiu ZhengJiuxiu ZhengExtra Leader / Translator
Xuliang WangXuliang WangExtra Leader / Translator
Zhifeng ZhangZhifeng ZhangExtra Leader / Translator
Guoli YuGuoli YuExtra Leader / Translator
Rifat Hasan PolasRifat Hasan PolasExtra Leader / Translator / Extra
Parvar YasinParvar YasinExtra Leader / Translator / Extra (as Yasin Parvaresh)
Mohammed Jaber AhmedMohammed Jaber AhmedExtra Leader / Translator / Extra
A B M Mojirul Islam QuaderiA B M Mojirul Islam QuaderiExtra Leader / Translator / Extra
Deepak Kumar Reddy BodaDeepak Kumar Reddy BodaExtra Leader / Translator
Moutsem Abdulrahman Ahmed Mahyoub HasanMoutsem Abdulrahman Ahmed Mahyoub HasanLayla / Extra
Basel Ameen Ali Al-HagriBasel Ameen Ali Al-HagriYusuf / Extra
Kamal Anwr Hasan Yahya AbohadiKamal Anwr Hasan Yahya AbohadiAmir / Extra
Anwar Hasan Yahya Hasan AbohadiAnwar Hasan Yahya Hasan AbohadiExtra
Amal Abuliah Mohammed Mohalmed YayahAmal Abuliah Mohammed Mohalmed YayahExtra
Osamah Ahmed Rassam Al-ShameriOsamah Ahmed Rassam Al-ShameriExtra
Yusof Mohammed Abdulwahab Al-GhouliYusof Mohammed Abdulwahab Al-GhouliExtra
Mohammed Khaled Shamsan AliMohammed Khaled Shamsan AliExtra
Marwan Khaled Shamsan AliMarwan Khaled Shamsan AliExtra
Amr Khaled Shamsan AliAmr Khaled Shamsan AliExtra
Ebtesam Abdullah Saif MohammedEbtesam Abdullah Saif MohammedExtra
Abbas Khaled Shamsan AliAbbas Khaled Shamsan AliExtra
Ameen Ali Adullah Al-HagriAmeen Ali Adullah Al-HagriExtra
Yaser Nasser Abdullah Saleh Al-HagriYaser Nasser Abdullah Saleh Al-HagriExtra
Manal Nasser Abudllah Al-HagriManal Nasser Abudllah Al-HagriExtra
Fares Ameen Ali Al-HagriFares Ameen Ali Al-HagriExtra
Basma Ameen Ali AlhagriBasma Ameen Ali AlhagriExtra
Abdulrahman Ahmed Mahyoub HasanAbdulrahman Ahmed Mahyoub HasanExtra
Aidah Ahmed Abdullan SallamAidah Ahmed Abdullan SallamExtra
Farah Abdulrahman Mohammed MahyoubFarah Abdulrahman Mohammed MahyoubExtra
Akram Abdualdaim Mohammed SaifAkram Abdualdaim Mohammed SaifExtra
Shuhd Andulrahman Ahmed MahyoubShuhd Andulrahman Ahmed MahyoubExtra
Amal Abdulrahman Ahmed MahyoubAmal Abdulrahman Ahmed MahyoubExtra
Dheya Abdulrahman Ahmed MahyoubDheya Abdulrahman Ahmed MahyoubExtra
Abdo Mohammed Saleh Al-NaggarAbdo Mohammed Saleh Al-NaggarExtra
Muna Abdo Ali Al-KhateebMuna Abdo Ali Al-KhateebExtra
Raghd Abdo Mohammed Al-NaggarRaghd Abdo Mohammed Al-NaggarExtra
Wegdan Abdo Mohammed Al-NaggarWegdan Abdo Mohammed Al-NaggarExtra
Nebras Abdo Mohammed Saleh Al-NaggarNebras Abdo Mohammed Saleh Al-NaggarExtra
Aws Bassam Ali Al-MamariAws Bassam Ali Al-MamariExtra (as Aws Bassam Ali Almamari)
Mohammed Bassam Ali Al-MaamariMohammed Bassam Ali Al-MaamariExtra
Khulood Ali Esman MoohialdinKhulood Ali Esman MoohialdinExtra
Ameer Bassam Ali AlmamariAmeer Bassam Ali AlmamariExtra
Bassam Ali Ahmed Al-MamariBassam Ali Ahmed Al-MamariExtra
Mohammad Murad Adel DandisMohammad Murad Adel DandisExtra
Maysoon 'Mohammad Faiez' Mousa DandisMaysoon ‘Mohammad Faiez’ Mousa DandisExtra
Ahmed Murad Adel DandisAhmed Murad Adel DandisExtra
Adel Murad Adel DandisAdel Murad Adel DandisExtra
Ahmed Abdulkafi Qaid SallamAhmed Abdulkafi Qaid SallamExtra
Ammar Abdulkafi Qaid SallamAmmar Abdulkafi Qaid SallamExtra
Omar Abdulkafi Qaid SallamOmar Abdulkafi Qaid SallamExtra
Altaf Abdulraheem SallamAltaf Abdulraheem SallamExtra
Eissa Gawad Qasem Al-MadhagiEissa Gawad Qasem Al-MadhagiExtra
Sadeq Mohammed Saleh Al-MatariSadeq Mohammed Saleh Al-MatariExtra
Aisha Hamood Ali Al-WatariAisha Hamood Ali Al-WatariExtra
Duaa Sadeq Mohammed Al-MatariDuaa Sadeq Mohammed Al-MatariExtra
Husaam Sadeq Mohammed Saleh Al-MatariHusaam Sadeq Mohammed Saleh Al-MatariExtra
Shadha Sadeq Mohammed Al-MatariShadha Sadeq Mohammed Al-MatariExtra
Nibras Abdualdaim Mohammed SaifNibras Abdualdaim Mohammed SaifExtra
Fatehia Radman Abdullah MohammedFatehia Radman Abdullah MohammedExtra
Asmaa Nibras Andualdaim MohammedAsmaa Nibras Andualdaim MohammedExtra
Huthaifa Nibras Abdualdaim MohammedHuthaifa Nibras Abdualdaim MohammedExtra
Jana Nibras Abdualdaim MohammedJana Nibras Abdualdaim MohammedExtra
Mohamed Abdelrehim Abdelrazek AbdelrehimMohamed Abdelrehim Abdelrazek AbdelrehimExtra
Abdelremim Mohamed Abdelrehim Abdelrazik MohamedAbdelremim Mohamed Abdelrehim Abdelrazik MohamedExtra
Mohamed Mohamady Mohamed Elshabih NanyMohamed Mohamady Mohamed Elshabih NanyExtra
Matulrahma Ahmed Rassam Al-ShameriMatulrahma Ahmed Rassam Al-ShameriExtra
Asma Ahmed Rassam AbdulghaniAsma Ahmed Rassam AbdulghaniExtra
Omar Ahmed Rassam AbdulghaniOmar Ahmed Rassam AbdulghaniExtra
Abdulrahman Ahmed Rassam Al-ShameriAbdulrahman Ahmed Rassam Al-ShameriExtra
Mhanna Mohamed Adelrwaida DimaMhanna Mohamed Adelrwaida DimaExtra
Sara Hammoud Khaled DimaSara Hammoud Khaled DimaExtra
Rama Hammoud Khaled DimaRama Hammoud Khaled DimaExtra
Abdulrazak Hamoud Khaled DimaAbdulrazak Hamoud Khaled DimaExtra
Abdullah Hammoud Khaled DimaAbdullah Hammoud Khaled DimaExtra
Abdllrahman Hammoud Khaled DimaAbdllrahman Hammoud Khaled DimaExtra
Mohammad Ajour Ala'MazinMohammad Ajour Ala’MazinExtra
Mohammad M Y QarakehMohammad M Y QarakehExtra
Braa Mohammad M QarakehBraa Mohammad M QarakehExtra
Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed AyedhAbdullah Mohammed Ahmed AyedhExtra
Aiman Abdullah Mohammed AyedhAiman Abdullah Mohammed AyedhExtra
Yaseen Abdullah Mohammed AyedhYaseen Abdullah Mohammed AyedhExtra
Fares Abdullan Mohammed AyedhFares Abdullan Mohammed AyedhExtra
Abeer Yahya Mohammed Al-HajjAbeer Yahya Mohammed Al-HajjExtra
Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Saad BaagarMohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Saad BaagarExtra
Rewaa Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarRewaa Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarExtra
Anas Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarAnas Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarExtra
Maryam Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarMaryam Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarExtra
Omar Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarOmar Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed BaagarExtra
Murad Ahmed Ghaleb Al-HabobMurad Ahmed Ghaleb Al-HabobExtra
Maram Abdalmalik Mansoor Saeed Al-ShabiMaram Abdalmalik Mansoor Saeed Al-ShabiExtra
Mayar Murad Ahmed Al-HabobMayar Murad Ahmed Al-HabobExtra
Karem Murad Ahmed Al-HabobKarem Murad Ahmed Al-HabobExtra
Saeed Hawzhin SattarSaeed Hawzhin SattarExtra
Sina Hawzhin SattarSina Hawzhin SattarExtra
Hasan Ali Mohammed QasemHasan Ali Mohammed QasemExtra
Amgad Wadhah Abdulelah Al-HakimiAmgad Wadhah Abdulelah Al-HakimiExtra
Wadhah Abdulelah Mohammed Al-HakimiWadhah Abdulelah Mohammed Al-HakimiExtra
Adham Wadhah Abdulelah Mohammed Al-HakimiAdham Wadhah Abdulelah Mohammed Al-HakimiExtra
Aiham Wadhah Abdulelah Mohammed Al-HakimiAiham Wadhah Abdulelah Mohammed Al-HakimiExtra
Aya Wadhah Abdulelah Al-HakimiAya Wadhah Abdulelah Al-HakimiExtra
Lamya Shaif Mohammed AliLamya Shaif Mohammed AliExtra
Ather Wadhah Abdulelah Al-HakimiAther Wadhah Abdulelah Al-HakimiExtra
Danish Illahi BhatDanish Illahi BhatExtra (as Danish Ilahi)
Sohan Asif MohammedSohan Asif MohammedExtra
Jubayer IslamJubayer IslamExtra
Ahmed FaisalAhmed FaisalExtra
Noor Afaque AhmedNoor Afaque AhmedExtra
Abdul SamiAbdul SamiExtra
Naeem Ahmed ChandioNaeem Ahmed ChandioExtra
Muhammad BilalMuhammad BilalExtra
Waqas KhanWaqas KhanExtra
Hammad AhmedHammad AhmedExtra
Abolfazl PourtaghiAbolfazl PourtaghiExtra
Salman KhonjiSalman KhonjiExtra
Esmaeil FanaeianEsmaeil FanaeianExtra
Zohaib HassanZohaib HassanExtra
Kafe Ulla UtshabKafe Ulla UtshabExtra
Binzaghar PulikkalBinzaghar PulikkalExtra
Baidul IslamBaidul IslamExtra
Muhammad ArslanMuhammad ArslanExtra
Aizaz HaiderAizaz HaiderExtra
Hamza GhaffarHamza GhaffarExtra
Mohammad SahoneMohammad SahoneExtra
Shafiqul IslamShafiqul IslamExtra
Saidul IslamSaidul IslamExtra
Muzammil HussainMuzammil HussainExtra
Saleh Siroos ShamohammadiSaleh Siroos ShamohammadiExtra
Harjinder SinghHarjinder SinghExtra
Palani PrabhurajanPalani PrabhurajanExtra
Kamalapathan MathanrajKamalapathan MathanrajExtra
Sanwariya Aditya HarshverdhanSanwariya Aditya HarshverdhanExtra
Kaushalia RamniwasKaushalia RamniwasExtra
Salman Mostafa KnonjiSalman Mostafa KnonjiExtra
Fahad Pakistani GulzariFahad Pakistani GulzariExtra
Fouz Pakistani AskariFouz Pakistani AskariExtra
Edison RukundoEdison RukundoExtra
Nshuti Jules MukundeNshuti Jules MukundeExtra
Anton YakushevAnton YakushevExtra
Ziyat MamedovZiyat MamedovExtra
Teimuraz DzotsenidzeTeimuraz DzotsenidzeExtra
Alisahib IsmailovAlisahib IsmailovExtra
Artyom AlimpiyevArtyom AlimpiyevExtra
Nemanja MarinNemanja MarinExtra
Oleksandr SerdechnyiOleksandr SerdechnyiExtra
Mlos MaricMlos MaricExtra
Jalal KhanJalal KhanExtra
Vladimir Ignace Philip Marie CampionVladimir Ignace Philip Marie CampionExtra
Theotime KuhnTheotime KuhnExtra
Ivan KhanzhinIvan KhanzhinExtra
Krisztian SzaboKrisztian SzaboExtra
Adam Michael ReiterAdam Michael ReiterExtra
MuhammadYusufMuhammadYusufExtra (as Muhammadyusuf)
Daniil SlaikouskiDaniil SlaikouskiExtra
David BayramovDavid BayramovExtra
Yhlas BerdiyevYhlas BerdiyevExtra
Aliaksandr DzeraviankaAliaksandr DzeraviankaExtra
Ruslan BondarenkoRuslan BondarenkoExtra
Romans DmitrijevsRomans DmitrijevsExtra
Evgenii NitchenkoEvgenii NitchenkoExtra
Aleksandr EvlanovAleksandr EvlanovExtra
Dmitrii SkorodumovDmitrii SkorodumovExtra
Nikolai PetruniakNikolai PetruniakExtra
Aleksei OsmininAleksei OsmininExtra
Hamza MakishovHamza MakishovExtra
Alexey PorvalAlexey PorvalExtra
Andrei SugrobovAndrei SugrobovExtra
Ihar PatsevichIhar PatsevichExtra
Evgeniy KuzminEvgeniy KuzminExtra (as Yevgeniy Kuzmin)
Andrey BukhantsevAndrey BukhantsevExtra
Artsiom BelyArtsiom BelyExtra
Oleg KotegovOleg KotegovExtra
Nikita TurtyginNikita TurtyginExtra
Iurii KuznetsovIurii KuznetsovExtra
Igor VeretenchevIgor VeretenchevExtra
Aleksei IshchenkoAleksei IshchenkoExtra
Ricardo Ortiz Del Rio CarrizosaRicardo Ortiz Del Rio CarrizosaExtra
Alfonso Osvaldo RuasAlfonso Osvaldo RuasExtra
Aleksandr TabolinAleksandr TabolinExtra
Serhii MoskvinSerhii MoskvinExtra
Evgeny ZakharovEvgeny ZakharovExtra
Elbrus AslamurzaevElbrus AslamurzaevExtra
Ioannis GeorgdpoolosIoannis GeorgdpoolosExtra
Ilia PivovarivIlia PivovarivExtra
Igor KabalinIgor KabalinExtra
Artem ChunosovArtem ChunosovExtra
Roman PytikovRoman PytikovExtra
Moataz Munier Mohamed Aly ElraddafMoataz Munier Mohamed Aly ElraddafExtra
Evgenii ApanasenkoEvgenii ApanasenkoExtra
Adizbek SnaripovAdizbek SnaripovExtra
Glenn Stephane Mbesset LandimiGlenn Stephane Mbesset LandimiExtra
Taleb DahoudTaleb DahoudExtra
Arslan IzmailovArslan IzmailovExtra
Loimboy OlimovLoimboy OlimovExtra
Brandon Spindule JanuaryBrandon Spindule JanuaryExtra
Artem KonovalovArtem KonovalovExtra
Ivan KaptielovIvan KaptielovExtra
Nikita GornoyoyNikita GornoyoyExtra
Aleksandr DobritskiiAleksandr DobritskiiExtra
Arslangeldi KerimovArslangeldi KerimovExtra
Idibek SafarovIdibek SafarovExtra
Federico Andres Alvarez RodriguezFederico Andres Alvarez RodriguezExtra
Serdar AnnaberdiyevSerdar AnnaberdiyevExtra
Suhaylii GaforzodaSuhaylii GaforzodaExtra
Allaq Aymen Bashir Hussein AbuAllaq Aymen Bashir Hussein AbuExtra
Anton BosyiAnton BosyiExtra
Sergei PervushevSergei PervushevExtra
Sergey TuchkovSergey TuchkovExtra
Maksym HerhertMaksym HerhertExtra
Aleksandr RadchenkoAleksandr RadchenkoExtra
Dmitrii VokhmianinDmitrii VokhmianinExtra
Vladislav KremnevVladislav KremnevExtra
Nikita LatyshevNikita LatyshevExtra
Gleb AfenovGleb AfenovExtra
Anatoliy Plamenov LegkostupAnatoliy Plamenov LegkostupExtra
Jahongir SaidahmatovJahongir SaidahmatovExtra
Fakhriddin ShekhalievFakhriddin ShekhalievExtra
Usmonali KhomidovUsmonali KhomidovExtra
Dovud ShubinDovud ShubinExtra
Muslim AbdurakhmonovMuslim AbdurakhmonovExtra
Leonid RatanovLeonid RatanovExtra
Francois Louis Cinq Fraix StelioFrancois Louis Cinq Fraix StelioExtra
Vitalii SavchenkoVitalii SavchenkoExtra
Nikita BarsukovNikita BarsukovExtra
Nikita KrivosheevNikita KrivosheevExtra
Muhammadyusuf MirzoevMuhammadyusuf MirzoevExtra
Mansur SattorovMansur SattorovExtra
Artem SheliekhovArtem SheliekhovExtra
Timur ShigabutdinovTimur ShigabutdinovExtra
Vladislav BubnovVladislav BubnovExtra
Daniil TarasovDaniil TarasovExtra
Aleksei UzianovAleksei UzianovExtra
Maksym KolosiukMaksym KolosiukExtra
Pierre Guillaume HarscouetPierre Guillaume HarscouetExtra
Ivan KotikIvan KotikExtra
Matheiu Fernand JaquetMatheiu Fernand JaquetExtra (as Mathieu Urbain Fernand Jaquet)
Varughese MelvinVarughese MelvinExtra
Harphool MandiaHarphool MandiaExtra
Vikram VermaVikram VermaExtra
Bhupendra YadavBhupendra YadavExtra
Pothan Naik LavudiyaPothan Naik LavudiyaExtra
Kavirajan MohanKavirajan MohanExtra
Dimebh Goud GyaralaDimebh Goud GyaralaExtra
Aravind Kumar MangalapallyAravind Kumar MangalapallyExtra
Rudhvika VankireddyRudhvika VankireddyExtra
Nayakapu SwapivaNayakapu SwapivaExtra
Manbhawan BendhaManbhawan BendhaExtra
Shareef ShaikShareef ShaikExtra
Mateen AbdulMateen AbdulExtra
Mohammed Ismail ShaikMohammed Ismail ShaikExtra
Raja Rajeswari BoppaRaja Rajeswari BoppaExtra
Raja Ram YadavRaja Ram YadavExtra
Khizra Pakistani YaqoobKhizra Pakistani YaqoobExtra
Ajay Kumar MetkeAjay Kumar MetkeExtra
Osama WaquarOsama WaquarExtra
Raveena RajpalRaveena RajpalExtra
Arman Bin TarizArman Bin TarizExtra
Jitendra SharmaJitendra SharmaExtra
Pavani PampanaPavani PampanaExtra
Ezzat Mohamed Ibrahim Abdin MohamerEzzat Mohamed Ibrahim Abdin MohamerExtra
Ramya ThammineniRamya ThammineniExtra
Narmada YadavNarmada YadavExtra
Veena Phani SuravajjulaVeena Phani SuravajjulaExtra
Rohith Goud AnugantiRohith Goud AnugantiExtra
Sukndeep KaushalSukndeep KaushalExtra
Mohammad SahineMohammad SahineExtra
Harika BeeravoluHarika BeeravoluExtra
Alaa El AhmadAlaa El AhmadExtra
Jadallah Watfa Iyad EbiedJadallah Watfa Iyad EbiedExtra
Talat Mohammed Ahmed Elboghdady MohammedTalat Mohammed Ahmed Elboghdady MohammedExtra
Sameer Ibrahim NawfalSameer Ibrahim NawfalExtra
Mohamed Abdalla Kamal OsamaMohamed Abdalla Kamal OsamaExtra
Mohammed Ali Ahmed Al-SharafiMohammed Ali Ahmed Al-SharafiExtra
Hashem Mohammed Qasem Abdulrahman Al-NawahHashem Mohammed Qasem Abdulrahman Al-NawahExtra
Salan Kamel Ali Khater AhmedSalan Kamel Ali Khater AhmedExtra
Ali Llsayed Sdliman EssamAli Llsayed Sdliman EssamExtra
Salem Mubarak WaleedSalem Mubarak WaleedExtra
Ammar Mohammed Abdullah Al-MoalmiAmmar Mohammed Abdullah Al-MoalmiExtra
Munief Muthana Saeed AlamrieMunief Muthana Saeed AlamrieExtra
Moustafa Meawad Ahmed Mohamed ElhalafawyMoustafa Meawad Ahmed Mohamed ElhalafawyExtra
Zain Ali Saleh BairqZain Ali Saleh BairqExtra
Alakabany Mounir Samiah AmerAlakabany Mounir Samiah AmerExtra
Ali Sultan Abdullah Student MohammedAli Sultan Abdullah Student MohammedExtra
Abdullah Abdulaziz Abbod AbdoAbdullah Abdulaziz Abbod AbdoExtra
Mahmoud Mohamed Alkhadrawi AdhamMahmoud Mohamed Alkhadrawi AdhamExtra
Ashour Abdelsalam Ibrahim AhmedAshour Abdelsalam Ibrahim AhmedExtra
Ahmed Fathi Mahmoud Ibrahim MohamedAhmed Fathi Mahmoud Ibrahim MohamedExtra
Ezzat Mohamed Ibrahim Abdin MohamedEzzat Mohamed Ibrahim Abdin MohamedExtra
Wasim Abdulmalek Abdulrahman Al-GunaidWasim Abdulmalek Abdulrahman Al-GunaidExtra
Sadat Elsayed Salama KhaledSadat Elsayed Salama KhaledExtra
Saad Ahmed Saad Elnesr ShaabanSaad Ahmed Saad Elnesr ShaabanExtra
Mohammed Mustafa Ebrahim AhmedMohammed Mustafa Ebrahim AhmedExtra
Hamdan Mutahar Hamood GhallabHamdan Mutahar Hamood GhallabExtra
Abdo Ali Abdulqader Al-BarakaniAbdo Ali Abdulqader Al-BarakaniExtra
Ahmed Abdullah Ali Abdullah QaderiAhmed Abdullah Ali Abdullah QaderiExtra
Anwar Saeed Ahmed QahtanAnwar Saeed Ahmed QahtanExtra
Mumtaz MohammedMumtaz MohammedExtra
Gulam SarverGulam SarverExtra
Ahmad RezaeenoroozaniAhmad RezaeenoroozaniExtra
Usman Pakistani AhmedUsman Pakistani AhmedExtra
Taha Al-Sammarraie AliyounusTaha Al-Sammarraie AliyounusExtra
Fathy Mohamed Ahmed Allam MonaFathy Mohamed Ahmed Allam MonaExtra
Aamn A.T.Salamah KhawlaAamn A.T.Salamah KhawlaExtra
Yamn A.T.Salamah KhawlaYamn A.T.Salamah KhawlaExtra
Monera A.T.Slamah KhawlaMonera A.T.Slamah KhawlaExtra
Saad Mohammed ImranSaad Mohammed ImranExtra
Rana Mamdouh Mahmoud Abdelmigeed IsmailRana Mamdouh Mahmoud Abdelmigeed IsmailExtra
Miklos Pal AuerMiklos Pal AuerExtra
Fakhar Abbas MughalFakhar Abbas MughalExtra
Safwan Muhammad JaffarSafwan Muhammad JaffarExtra
Ilyas AhmadIlyas AhmadExtra
Rizwan ZahoorRizwan ZahoorExtra
Mujeeb Ur RahmanMujeeb Ur RahmanExtra (as Mujeeb Ur Rehman)
Muhammad Tayyab KamranMuhammad Tayyab KamranExtra
Warwick GillesWarwick GillesExtra (as Warwick David Gilles)
Frederic RaposoFrederic RaposoExtra
Viktor KulikovViktor KulikovExtra
Nikita RozenkoNikita RozenkoExtra (as Mykyta Rozenko)
Hussein Ibrahim Morsy KarimHussein Ibrahim Morsy KarimExtra
Abdelnasser Gomaa Abdellah AmrAbdelnasser Gomaa Abdellah AmrExtra
Saber Mohamed Elsadek AmrSaber Mohamed Elsadek AmrExtra
Muhammad Hammad KhanMuhammad Hammad KhanExtra
Muhammad Muzamil YousafMuhammad Muzamil YousafExtra
Hamad HaidarHamad HaidarExtra
Muhammad Asad WaseemMuhammad Asad WaseemExtra
Muhammad Faizan MajeedMuhammad Faizan MajeedExtra
Husain Rehmani AnwarHusain Rehmani AnwarExtra
Kyle ShapiroKyle ShapiroExtra (as Kyle Lawrence Shapiro)
Pierre BourdaudPierre BourdaudExtra (as Pierre Emmanuel Vincent Bourdaud)
Franz RügamerFranz RügamerExtra (as Franz Willy Ruegamer)
Abdelmotelb Abdalla Hewidy MohamedAbdelmotelb Abdalla Hewidy MohamedExtra
Khaled Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Shalaby MohamedKhaled Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Shalaby MohamedExtra
Mohammed Jassim A AlozaybMohammed Jassim A AlozaybExtra
Salim Abdelhamed Sayed Sloma MahmoudSalim Abdelhamed Sayed Sloma MahmoudExtra
Abdelaziz Eid Sarhan Tahoun EidAbdelaziz Eid Sarhan Tahoun EidExtra
Ali Mohamed Ali Amer MortadaAli Mohamed Ali Amer MortadaExtra
Ali Abdelrazek Ibrahim Ali YoussefAli Abdelrazek Ibrahim Ali YoussefExtra
Porntip WiriyaPorntip WiriyaExtra
Ali AbidAli AbidExtra
Malik Sarmad SaeedMalik Sarmad SaeedExtra
Dmitrii LeskovDmitrii LeskovExtra
Roman ArefevRoman ArefevExtra
Konstantin AkulovKonstantin AkulovExtra
Alexey PilipchakAlexey PilipchakExtra
Sohibjon OlimovSohibjon OlimovExtra
Mahawar KritikaMahawar KritikaExtra
Saqib KnanSaqib KnanExtra
Gopi YaradesiGopi YaradesiExtra
Sunand KokaSunand KokaExtra
Sri Soumya GudlaSri Soumya GudlaExtra
Sophia KoppulaSophia KoppulaExtra
Anusha MaramAnusha MaramExtra
Sofy Sree YallaSofy Sree YallaExtra
Sumiya Sharmin PromaSumiya Sharmin PromaExtra
Jui Shohana PervinJui Shohana PervinExtra
Kotha Al AridaKotha Al AridaExtra
Farhana Zaman RozonyFarhana Zaman RozonyExtra
Jannatul FerdousJannatul FerdousExtra
Mansoor AhmadMansoor AhmadExtra
Bhayana SanthapurBhayana SanthapurExtra
Svapna NayakapuSvapna NayakapuExtra
Saqib KhanSaqib KhanExtra
Saad Pakistani ZamanSaad Pakistani ZamanExtra
Nikisha Reddy LokaNikisha Reddy LokaExtra
Ravali BiravoluRavali BiravoluExtra
Sajid Umar SumraSajid Umar SumraExtra
Madhob Chandra SarkarMadhob Chandra SarkarExtra
Divyasree ShikariDivyasree ShikariExtra
Sneha ChoudharySneha ChoudharyExtra
Zeinab SheikhzadehZeinab SheikhzadehExtra
Umma Bangladeshi SalmaUmma Bangladeshi SalmaExtra
Shivani KhatanaShivani KhatanaExtra
Sapana DandaleSapana DandaleExtra
Arushi KhullarArushi KhullarExtra
Sana AhmadSana AhmadExtra
Sumedha BanaSumedha BanaExtra
Preeti SinhaPreeti SinhaExtra
Shrasti YadavShrasti YadavExtra
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Nadine Leon GobetNadine Leon GobetOfficer Rodriguez (uncredited)

Produced by 

Jwanwat Ahriyavrarompco-producer (co-produced by)
Shenghua Baochief consultant
Nate Bolotinexecutive producer
Hans Canosaproducer
Yiming Guanco-producer
Zhen Guoco-producer (co-produced by)
Qunfei Huangconsultant
Chiu Wah Leeco-producer (as Chiuwah Lee)
Suifang Lico-executive producer
Xingjian Lico-producer (co-produced by)
Haiwan Nico-producer (co-produced by)
Jiang Qianggeneral executive producer
Yonggang Qiuco-producer (co-produced by)
Esmond Renproducer
Nick Spicerexecutive producer
Joe Tamco-producer
Daqing Wangco-executive producer
Tiemin Wuco-producer (co-produced by)
Zhanyu Xingco-executive producer
Dongliang Xuchief consultant
Kecai Yanexecutive film producer
Zhuang Yanco-producer (co-produced by)
Dewei Zhangconsultant
Haitao Zhangco-producer (co-produced by)
Jihong Zhangconsultant
Haicheng Zhaoco-producer (co-produced by)
Chenhongyao Zhuco-producer (co-produced by)
Chonglie Zhuproducer (produced by)

Music by 

Nathan Furst(music by)

Cinematography by 

Tony Cheungdirector of photography
Xiaobin Li(making of video)
Yuan Peng(making of video)
Guoliang Ren(making of video)

Editing by 

Scott Waugh(film edited by)

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