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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) Movie Plot:

In 2023, a thrilling superhero film called “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” was released. It is the third movie in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series, which is based on a popular superhero team from Marvel Comics. James Gunn directed and wrote the film, and it features a talented ensemble cast including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldaña, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Linda Cardellini, Sean Gunn, Chukwudi Iwuji, Will Poulter, Nathan Fillion, and Sylvester Stallone. The story revolves around the Guardians’ mission to rescue their teammate Rocket from the clutches of the villainous High Evolutionary.

James Gunn first mentioned the idea of a third film in 2014 and later confirmed his involvement as the writer and director in 2017. However, there was a setback when Disney fired Gunn in 2018 due to controversial posts on Twitter. Luckily, the decision was reversed, and Gunn returned to the project. The public learned about his return in 2019, and filming took place from November 2021 to May 2022 at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” premiere was done at Disneyland Paris in April 2023, subsequently got released in the United States in May as a vital part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Like the previous films, it received praise from critics and became a box office success, earning over $843 million worldwide and becoming one of the highest-grossing films of 2023.

The story begins with the Guardians of the Galaxy facing an attack at their new headquarters. Rocket gets seriously injured and needs to be saved from the High Evolutionary, who implanted a kill switch in him. To find the override code for the kill switch, the Guardians embark on a mission to Orgocorp’s headquarters. Along the way, Rocket recalls his difficult past as an experiment on Counter-Earth, where he formed close relationships with other test subjects. The Guardians face numerous challenges and confront the High Evolutionary and his forces in their quest to save Rocket and free captive children.

After the intense events, Peter Quill decides to leave the Guardians and hands over leadership to Rocket. Quill sets out to reunite with his grandfather, Mantis embarks on a personal journey of discovery, Gamora rejoins the Ravagers, and Nebula and Drax take on the responsibility of caring for the rescued children. The film concludes with a mid-credits scene, teasing a new mission for the Guardians.

                                                    ⭐IMDB Rating: 8.1/10⭐

Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Chukwudi IwujiChukwudi IwujiThe High Evolutionary
Bradley CooperBradley CooperRocket (voice)
Pom KlementieffPom KlementieffMantis
Dave BautistaDave BautistaDrax
Karen GillanKaren GillanNebula
Vin DieselVin DieselGroot (voice)
Austin FreemanAustin FreemanOn-Set Groot / Phlektik Guard
Stephen BlackehartStephen BlackehartSteemie Blueliver
Terence RosemoreTerence RosemoreXlomo Smeth
Maria BakalovaMaria BakalovaCosmo (voice)
Sean GunnSean GunnKraglin / Young Rocket
Sarah AlamiSarah AlamiSsssaralami
Jasmine MunozJasmine MunozHoobtoe
Chris PrattChris PrattPeter Quill / Star-Lord
Giovannie CruzGiovannie CruzOrloni Peddler
Will PoulterWill PoulterAdam Warlock
Nico SantosNico SantosRecorder Theel
Miriam ShorMiriam ShorRecorder Vim
Noa RaskinNoa RaskinBaby Rocket (voice)
Linda CardelliniLinda CardelliniLylla (voice)
Asim ChaudhryAsim ChaudhryTeefs (voice)
Mikaela HooverMikaela HooverFloor (voice)
Elizabeth DebickiElizabeth DebickiAyesha
Judy GreerJudy GreerWar Pig (voice)
Reinaldo FaberlleReinaldo FaberlleBehemoth (voice)
Sylvester StalloneSylvester StalloneStakar Ogord
Tara StrongTara StrongMainframe (voice)
Jared GoreJared GoreKrugarr
Michael RosenbaumMichael RosenbaumMartinex
Elan GaleElan GaleBeardy Ravager
Molly C. QuinnMolly C. QuinnMolly Ravager (as Molly Quinn)
Gerardo DavilaGerardo DavilaFitz-Gibbonok
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley BakerBlurp
Zoe SaldanaZoe SaldanaGamora (as Zoe Saldaña)
Hanna PakHanna PakHumanimal Turtle Experiment
Jennifer HollandJennifer HollandAdministrator Kwol
Nathan FillionNathan FillionMaster Karja
Kyle McleanKyle McleanThe Boss’s Nephew (as Kyle McLean)
Benjamin Byron DavisBenjamin Byron DavisBletelsnort
Tiffany SmithTiffany SmithOrgocorp Host Friniki
Joe DaruJoe DaruSecurity Assistant
Daniela MelchiorDaniela MelchiorUra
Jonathan MercedesJonathan MercedesGamora Shoots This Guy!
Jonathan FritschiJonathan FritschiCarrot Head Guard
Diego WardDiego WardCarrot Head’s Friend
Max BickelhaupMax BickelhaupKitty Orgosentry
Brandon MoralesBrandon MoralesDancing Guard
Renae MoneymakerRenae MoneymakerViolent Orgosentry
Alexis HadestyAlexis HadestyHumanimal Rabbit
Tara WarrenTara WarrenHumanimal Kangaroo
Candi VandiZandiCandi VandiZandiHumanimal Monkey (as Candi Vandizandi)
Grecia BalboaGrecia BalboaWarthog Mother
Caleb SpillyardsCaleb SpillyardsHumanimal Panda Bear
Darla DelgadoDarla DelgadoNeelie
Michelle CivileMichelle CivileBlue Jay Postal Worker
Ken LyleKen LyleRabbit Businessman
Elodie ClarkeElodie ClarkeHumanimal Bush Baby Toddler
John William WrightJohn William WrightHumanimal Hyena
Autumn GriffinAutumn GriffinHumanimal Bat Child
Skylar HuntleySkylar HuntleyHumanimal Bat Child
Randy HavensRandy HavensTill
Dane DiLiegroDane DiLiegroUnsavory Octopus (as Dane Diliegro)
Kai ZenKai ZenPhyla
Sarah AnneSarah AnneLatti
Yael OcasioYael OcasioStar Child
Adelynn SpoonAdelynn SpoonStar Child
Henry HeffernanHenry HeffernanStar Child
Brooklyn Skye OliverBrooklyn Skye OliverStar Child
Scarlett BlumScarlett BlumStar Child
Alejandro Estevon AngelAlejandro Estevon AngelStar Child (as Baby Dro)
Emery GrilliotEmery GrilliotStar Child
Amelia WatersAmelia WatersStar Child
Lloyd KaufmanLloyd KaufmanGridlemop
Seth GreenSeth GreenHoward the Duck (voice)
Christopher FairbankChristopher FairbankBroker
Rhett MillerRhett MillerBzermikitokolok
Natalia SafranNatalia SafranController
Murphy WeedMurphy WeedMurf
Michael RookerMichael RookerYondu
James GunnJames GunnLamb-Shank
Pete DavidsonPete DavidsonPhlektik
Jessica FontaineJessica FontainePhlektik Guard
Karen AbercrombieKaren AbercrombieGrandma Quill
Gregg HenryGregg HenryGrandpa Quill
Adriana LeonardAdriana LeonardCrying Krylorian Citizen
Bonnie DiscepoloBonnie DiscepoloCrying Krylorian Citizen
Clare GrantClare GrantCrying Krylorian Citizen
Grace GunnGrace GunnCrying Krylorian Citizen
Will GunnWill GunnCrying Krylorian Citizen
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sarah AllynSarah AllynHomeless Sad Rabbit (uncredited)
Thomas R. BakerThomas R. BakerVillager / Sentry (uncredited)
Jerry BeharryJerry BeharryDark (uncredited)
Scarlett BellScarlett BellStar Kid (uncredited)
James ClarkeJames ClarkeKnowhere Citizen (uncredited)
Olive Raine CleopeOlive Raine CleopeStar Kid (uncredited)
Finn DavidFinn DavidStar Kid (uncredited)
Sarah DeanSarah DeanKnowhere Kree (uncredited)
Mark Joseph FeltonMark Joseph FeltonRabbit Humanimal (uncredited)
Gregory FrenchGregory FrenchRecorder Guard (uncredited)
Christina R GreggChristina R GreggAlien Ravager / Human Knowhere Citizen (uncredited)
Keanu HamKeanu HamBlue Alien / Human / Yellow Alien (uncredited)
Rowan Delana HowardRowan Delana HowardStar Child (uncredited)
Elbert KimElbert KimRecorder Scientist (uncredited)
Michael KoskeMichael KoskeNaked Mole Rat (uncredited)
Aaliyah LuuAaliyah LuuStar Child (uncredited)
C.J. MaxwellC.J. MaxwellRed Ravager #1 (uncredited)
Andrew S. McMillanAndrew S. McMillanRecorder Scientist (uncredited)
Zachary OrtegaZachary OrtegaStar Kid (uncredited)
Jalen PeetJalen PeetScientist Recorder (uncredited)
Dennice RiveraDennice RiveraClub Patron / Spaceport Worker (uncredited)
Casey ShirleyCasey ShirleyKnowhere Resident (uncredited)
Sebastian SolerSebastian SolerCheckers (uncredited)
Liam StuckeyLiam StuckeyStar Child (uncredited)
Analisa WallAnalisa WallKnowhere Dancer (uncredited)
Ilara Phoenix WilliamsIlara Phoenix WilliamsStar Child (uncredited)

Produced by 

Victoria Alonsoexecutive producer
Louis D’Espositoexecutive producer
Kevin Feigeproducer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
David J. Grantco-producer
Simon Hattexecutive producer
Nikolas Kordaexecutive producer
Sara Smithexecutive producer
Lars P. Wintherco-producer

Music by 

John Murphy(music by)

Cinematography by 

Henry Brahamdirector of photography

Editing by 

Greg D’Auria(edited by)
Fred Raskin(edited by)

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