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DJ–Duvvada Jagannadham (2017) Movie Plot:

“Duvvada Jagannadham” is a movie from 2017 made in the Telugu language. It is an action-comedy film. Harish Shankar wrote and directed it. The person who made sure the movie got all its resources and was put together was Dil Raju. In this film, two main actors are Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde. There are many songs in the movie, and all of them were made by Devi Sri Prasad. This film became very popular when it came out on 23 June 2017. A lot of people liked it. It earned a lot of money, more than ₹150 crore. This made it one of the most successful Telugu films made in 2017.

The movie tells the story of a man named Duvvada Jagannadham Sastri. He works in Vijayawada making food for people at events. But he has another life where he is DJ. In this other life, he tries to make sure justice is done. He learned how to do this from someone named CI Puroshottam. One day, while he was at his friend’s marriage ceremony, he saw a woman named Pooja. He was very attracted to her because she was confident and did things her way.

There’s another important person in the story, Royyala Naidu. He is known for his acting and his building business. But he also secretly runs companies that are not genuine. They are named Agro Diamond and Naidu Constructions. Something very sad happens in the story. DJ’s uncle finds out something bad about Agro Diamond and decides to end his own life. This makes DJ very upset. He then discovers that there is a big scam, which involves a huge amount of money, ₹900 crore. This scam was done by a man named Stephen Prakash, who works with Naidu. 

As DJ tries to find out more, many problems arise. He gets into trouble with Pooja’s dad, who is a very powerful person called the State Home Minister Pushpam, and also with Naidu. DJ faces many challenges. He deals with lies, finds out who his true friends are, falls in love, and faces many dangers. The most intense part of the story happens in a place far away, Abu Dhabi. At the end of the story, the bad people are defeated, and everything becomes right again.


                                                 ⭐IMDB Rating: 5.9/10⭐


Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order)  

Allu ArjunAllu ArjunDuvvada Jagannadha Sastri ‘Jagannadham’ / DJ
Pooja HegdePooja HegdePooja
Rao RameshRao RameshRoyyala Naidu
SubbarajuSubbarajuRoyyala Avinash
Master SathwikMaster SathwikYoung DJ
ChandramohanChandramohanDJ’s uncle
Murli SharmaMurli SharmaPurushottam
Krishna Murali PosaniKrishna Murali PosaniHome Minister Pushpam
Tanikella BharaniTanikella BharaniDuvvada Subrahmanya Sastri
Vennela KishoreVennela KishoreAkella Vigneshwara Sarma ‘Vignesh’ ‘Viggu’
Harish UthamanHarish UthamanSultan Basha
Pavitra LokeshPavitra LokeshDJ’s mother (as Pavithra Lokesh)
Hari TejaHari TejaLakshmi DJ’s elder sister
RallapalliRallapalliDJ’s grandfather
Vidyullekha RamanVidyullekha RamanKatyayini
ShatruShatruStephen Prakash, Naidu’s secretary
SameerSameerSameer Chandra
ShashankShashankDJ’s assistant
SivannarayanaSivannarayanaVenkatachalam , Vignesh’s father
RajithaRajithaVignesh’s mother
SanaSanaPooja’s mother
SravanSravanDJ’s assistant
Vajja Venkata GiridharVajja Venkata GiridharDJ’s friend
Joy BadlaniJoy BadlaniCentral Minister
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kasi BhatlaKasi Bhatla  
Devi CharanDevi Charan  
Mozammel Hoshen ChowdhuryMozammel Hoshen Chowdhury  
Roopa LakshmiRoopa Lakshmi  
Padmaja LankaPadmaja LankaMother
Chandramogli MademChandramogli Madem  
Anitha NathAnitha Nath  
Pammi SaiPammi Sai  
Gundu SudharshanGundu Sudharshan  

Produced by 

Ayanproducer (as Ayan Nayak)
Dil Rajuproducer
Sireeshproducer (as Shirish)

Music by 

Devi Sri Prasad 

Cinematography by 

Ayananka Bose 

Editing by 

Chota K. Prasad 

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