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Chobbar (2022) Movie Plot:

“Chobbar” stands as a Punjabi action drama film, both written and directed by Maneesh Bhatt. The lead roles were portrayed by Jayy Randhawa and Drishti Talwar. It was produced by Geet MP3 Productions and graced the screens on November 11, 2022.

The movie narrated the story of Saabi (Jayy Randhawa), a young man with a fervent ambition of becoming a showman. He spent his formative years observing his father execute perilous feats on the “wheel of death.” This unwavering passion for the dangerous act led Saabi into the underworld of crime, where he became embroiled with a gang of felons, plunging himself into deep jeopardy.

Saabi’s life underwent a transformation when he crossed paths with Mahi (Drishti Talwar), a compassionate and benevolent young woman who acted as his guiding light, revealing the flaws in his chosen path. Consequently, Saabi resolved to abandon the criminal life and embark on a fresh journey with Mahi. Nevertheless, his shadowy past resurfaced, compelling him to confront a daunting dilemma.

The film’s narrative unfurled within the vibrant Punjabi community of Dubai, delving into the themes of love, betrayal, redemption, and the significance of family bonds. “Chubbar” was poised to be both a box office sensation and a darling of the critics.

Prominent plot elements encompassed Saabi’s aspiration to emulate his father, a celebrated showman on the perilous wheel of death, while simultaneously grappling with his fear of it. His mother, Sukhi, offered unwavering support tinged with concern, while his adventurous friend, Lali, encouraged him to chase his dreams. Saabi’s romantic journey with Mahi became a pivotal part of his transformation, aiding him in conquering his apprehensions tied to the wheel of death.

Tragedy struck when Saabi’s father met with a fatal accident, leaving Saabi shouldering the responsibility of his family’s welfare. To make ends meet, he reluctantly allied with a criminal syndicate, leading him down an ethical crossroads when confronted with a criminal act that could harm Mahi.

“Chubbar” embodied a coming-of-age narrative, scrutinizing the delicate equilibrium between chasing dreams and honoring responsibilities. It also served as a love story depicting two individuals surmounting their deepest fears. Set against the diverse backdrop of Dubai, renowned for its multiculturalism, the film featured a talented ensemble of Punjabi actors. 

Maneesh Bhatt, a venerable name in Punjabi cinema, directed the project, while Geet MP3 Productions, a prominent player in the Punjabi film industry, facilitated its production. With its meticulously crafted storyline and stellar performances, “Chubbar” had all the makings of a triumph, certain to captivate audiences across all age groups.


                                                        ⭐IMDB Rating: 6.1/10⭐


Cast & Crew



Sukhwinder ChahalSukhwinder Chahal  
Gurteg GuriGurteg Guri  
Deepak KambojDeepak KambojSilent Shooter (credit only)
Seema KaushalSeema Kaushal  
Honey MattuHoney Mattu  
Yaar NarinderYaar NarinderSecurity guard
Jayy RandhawaJayy Randhawa  
Kavi SinghKavi SinghGunnu
Drishty TalwarDrishty Talwar  

Produced by 

Kv Dhillonproducer
Dheeraj Rattancreative Producer

Cinematography by 

Niraj Singhdirector of photography

Editing by 

Rohit Dhiman 

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