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Acharya (2022) Movie Plot:

In 2022, a Telugu action movie called “Acharya” hit the big screens. It was directed by Koratala Siva and produced by Konidela Production Company and Matinee Entertainment. The film starred Chiranjeevi in the lead role, along with Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde, and Sonu Sood in supporting roles. “Acharya” tells the story of Acharya, a Naxalite leader who goes undercover in the Dharmasthali shrine to stop the oppression caused by a local politician named Basava. Inside the shrine, Sidda discovers the harsh realities of drug abuse and harassment. Despite the difficulties, Sidda has to join forces with the Naxalites due to unexpected circumstances. The movie features an impressive musical score by Mani Sharma and stunning cinematography by Tirru.

The production of “Acharya” started in October 2019, and filming began in January 2020. However, the movie faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When “Acharya” was released in theaters on April 29, 2022, it received mixed-to-negative reviews and didn’t perform well at the box office, earning only ₹76 crore against a budget of ₹140 crore.

The story takes place in the temple towns of Dharmasthali and Padaghattam, surrounded by the Siddhavanam forest. These towns share a deep devotion to the goddess Gattamma. However, Dharmasthali is under the oppressive rule of Basava, the local municipal chairman, who plans to give the towns’ lands to Rathod and his brother for mining. Because of Basava’s cruel rule, the people of Padaghattam, known for their expertise in Ayurvedic medicine, visit Dharmasthali less often.

Acharya, a Naxal, arrives in Dharmasthali disguised as a carpenter and starts fighting against Basava’s injustices towards the villagers. It’s revealed that Acharya came to Dharmasthali to fulfill his best friend Siddha’s promise. Acharya exposes Siddha’s background, revealing him as a disciple of the local Gurukul who strongly advocates for Dharma. Siddha studies at the Gurukul alongside Basava and other village men. Basava and Rathod’s brother plot to destroy the Gattamma Temple, pretending it’s due to flooding from heavy rain to begin mining. Siddha discovers their plan and confronts them on the night of the temple’s intended destruction, getting seriously hurt in the process.

Acharya’s team arrives to rescue Siddha and takes him to the nearby Siddhavanam forest for treatment. Siddha eventually recovers, and Acharya’s comrade Bose reveals Siddha’s true parentage as the child of Comrade Shankar, Acharya’s Naxal squadron leader. Tragically, Siddha’s parents are killed in a shootout with local law enforcement. Before dying, Shankar makes Acharya promise to raise Siddha with an understanding of their fight for Dharma.

To protect Siddha, Acharya entrusts the baby to Adanna, who raises him in Dharmasthali. Acharya secretly watches over and safeguards Siddha from a distance as he grows up. Siddha later learns about his true origins and willingly joins Acharya’s Naxal squad. During a mission to rescue Adivasi children forced into child labor in the mines by Rathod’s men, Siddha discovers a map outlining lands earmarked for mining, including those around Padaghattam and Dharmasthali. When Siddha returns to his village to stop the mining, he encounters Rathod’s henchmen, who are on their way to kill Acharya’s team. In the ensuing clash with Acharya, Siddha is tragically shot and killed by Khilla, one of Rathod’s henchmen. Before he dies, Acharya promises Siddha that he will protect the village and thwart Basava and Rathod’s illegal mining plans.

After the revelation of Siddha’s past, Acharya is arrested by local law enforcement, while Basava and Rathod plot to wipe out the entire village during Gattamma’s festival. Meanwhile, Acharya’s team successfully rescues him from the police convoy and eliminates each of Rathod’s henchmen, including Khilla, Rathod’s brother, and ultimately, Rathod and Basava. After coming to terms with Siddha’s loss, Acharya bids farewell to Padaghattam and Dharmasthali, returning to the forest with his squad to carry on Siddha’s legacy of upholding Dharma and continuing their struggle.


                                              ⭐IMDB Rating: 3.8/10⭐


Cast & Crew


Cast (in credits order) 

Ram CharanRam CharanSiddha (as Ram Charan Teja)
Pooja HegdePooja HegdeNeelambari
Sonu SoodSonu SoodBasava
Jisshu SenguptaJisshu SenguptaRathod
Vennela KishoreVennela Kishore  
Saurav LokeshSaurav LokeshRathod’s brother
Kishore Kumar G.Kishore Kumar G.  
Tanikella BharaniTanikella Bharani  
BanerjeeBanerjeeComrade Bose
Ravi PrakashRavi Prakash  
Satyadev KancharanaSatyadev KancharanaComrade Shankar
Regina CassandraRegina CassandraMandakini
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Raghu BabuRaghu Babu  
Praveen DacharamPraveen Dacharam  
Sanjay DuvvariSanjay Duvvari  
Ravi KaleRavi Kale  
Shiva KarthikShiva Karthik  
Pavan Tej KonidelaPavan Tej KonidelaGuy at the Temple
Sanjay KrishnaSanjay KrishnaSonu Soods Gang Member with Dialogue
Mikkilineni Krishna KumarMikkilineni Krishna Kumar  
Hossein Rahmani ManeshHossein Rahmani Manesh  
Ramana Reddy PurelliRamana Reddy PurelliGunda (as Ramana Reddy)
Sanjay RaichurSanjay Raichur  
C.V.L. Narasimha RaoC.V.L. Narasimha Rao  
M.K. RaoM.K. Rao  
Raja RavindraRaja Ravindra  
Viswender ReddyViswender Reddy  
SiddhikshaSiddhikshaUma Devi
Getup SrinuGetup Srinu  

Produced by 

B. Bala Prasadexecutive producer
V.Y. Praveenkumarexecutive producer
P.T. Giridhar Raoline producer
Anvesh Reddyproducer
Niranjan Reddyproducer

Music by 

Mani Sharma 

Cinematography by 

S. Tirru 

Editing by 

Navin Nooli 

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